Monday, March 03, 2014

Why Do Asian American Politicians Work Against Us?

                             IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: 

(a) SCA 5 has NOT been stopped yet. Let's all focus on Assemblyman Paul Fong.
  Phone 916 319-2028 or email,
  & ask him to vote NO on SCA 5. If he agrees, SCA 5 will be dead. 

(b) Good News: Ted Lieu, 1 of the 3 senators who voted for SCA 5, PROMISED in
  writing to 80-20 President S.B. Woo that "I will vote against SCA 5 if and
  when it comes back to the Senate and any amendment in any form that
  continues to seek race conscious admissions." A good solid promises.

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                      The Norm Of American Democracy:

   US senators and congresspersons are almost all for abolishing obsolete
military bases. They almost all have one EXCEPTION – not the ones in their
own states or districts!

                           80-20 Is Extremely Alarmed
   Elected officials, especially those whose terms are 2 instead of 4 or 6 years,
are to mostly serve the interests of those who elect them*, even when such
interests are against those of the state or nation. 80-20 is extremely
when so many AsAm/ChAm officials go out of their ways to
ACT against our interests! Here are examples.

Elaine Chao, Republican Secretary of Labor under President Bush,
  set a shameful example. As the Labor Secretary, she is explicitly
  charged by Executive Order 11246 to make sure that ALL Americans enjoy
  equal opportunity to be employed and to rise as high as their ability and
  ambition will take them. However, she did NOT apply the law for AsAms to
  help break the glass ceiling against us!

  True, the earlier labor secretaries didn't do that either. But time was ripe
  under Elaine Chao's tenure. To illustrate, Obama's DOL promised 80-20 in writing
  to enforce it, though action was still rare. We hope Chris Lu, Dep. Sec. of Labor if
  confirmed by the Senate, will do much much better,

Judy Chu, a Democratic Congresswoman from Monterey Park, whose district
  has ample AsAm voters, wasn't much better. When she was invited by New York
  Times to write an op-ed on how Danny Chen, a soldier, was racially hazed
  to death by his superior officers, she pretended that it was just ordinary
  hazing. The word "race" never appeared in her entire article. How
If one doesn't have the guts to speak up for us, then don't
  run for an office.

Paul Fong, a Dem. & an Assemblyman from CA's 29th District with 28% AsAm
  voters, did an unconscionable thing. He proposed banning shark fin in CA in
  2011, without giving the AsAms in CA adequate time to adjust to such a ban.
  For what? Saving sharks' lives? Note that the US senators from tobacco-producing
  states, gave their constituents decades to adjust, even when smoking caused
  human lives. .

Ted Lieu, Carol Liu and Leland Yee, all Dems, all CA ChAm senators, all voted
  for SCA 5,
a constitutional amendment aiming to turn CA back to "race-
  conscious" college admissions. It aims to reduce the number of AsAm students
  in favor of less qualified applicants of other races.
  True, the % of black and Hispanic student are below their population %.
  However, a quota system based on population is ILLEGAL in the USA.

              Why Do AsAm/ChAm Politicians Vote Against Us?

   We, OURSELVES, are mostly at fault. Here are 2 examples:
(1) A huge % of AsAms/ChAms worship officials, implicitly assume that
officials must be scholars of the highest quality and should be listened to
and respected like our parents. We've been spoiling our officials. I
personally experienced the spoiling nationwide, when I was a lowly Lt. Governor of

   Our degree of worship is decided by the ranks of the officials. The higher
the ranks, the more we worship. No wonder, the AsAm/ChAm officials try so
hard to seek higher offices, at the expense of serving our rightful interests.
(2) We are inexplicably fearful of standing up to elected officials. We also
please & flatter them hoping to get some personal favors back. A picture
with them and their presence in our children's weddings perhaps? We
live in America, STUPID!

                       The Proper Way to Deal with All Officials

   Officials are our public SERVANTS. So treat them that way. When they serve
us well in PUBLIC matters, REWARD them with our donations and votes.
When otherwise, PUNISH them!

   80-20 aims to EMPOWER YOU!

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Political Action Committee
*Former President John F. Kennedy wrote a Pulitzer-winning book, entitled
"Profiles of Courage" praising those statesmen, who during the period leading
to US Civil War, were willing to sacrifice their political careers, to vote against
their constituents' interest in order to save the Union. The above should
illustrate to us, how elected officials in the US are normally expected to act.

PS: Click here to see a video tape here about a demonstration in LA against SCA
5. However, Ed Chau had ALREADY announced that he would not vote for SCA 5
BEFORE the demonstration. As misguided as the demo was, 80-20 is
glad to see it. (Please be patient with an annoying 15 sec. ad at the beginning.)