Thursday, March 27, 2014

Q& A regarding Senator Leland Yee

Reference: A 137 page affidavit prepared by the FBI many days ago, but unsealed yesterday. To read it, Click here

1. How long has FBI's agents been tracking Yee?

Almost 3 years, since May 2011. Much, if not all, of the checks paid to Yee and conversations with Yee were recorded.

2. When was the latest meeting between Yee and an FBI undercover agent, & what did they talk about?

13 days ago on March 14, 2014. 


How Yee could get illegal arms for the FBI undercover agent.

3. What are the charges against Yee?

Taking bribes (or wire fraud of honest service) and selling arms without a license.

4. What might be the consequence for Yee? Jail? 
Jail or not, Yee's campaign for CA's Secretary of State will 100% certain collapse. CA's Senate leader has already publicly asked Yee to resign.

5. What kind of a person is Yee?
   (1) Yee is an anti-gun advocate, but he traffics firearms.
   (2) Yee's secretary of state campaign advocates for government transparency and stopping corruption, but his dirty deeds are hidden from the sun and he took bribes.     
   (3) Yee swears that he'd always defend Chines Am. interest, but he voted for SCA 5.  Yee said that "I asked Sen. Hermandez 'if SCA 5 will negatively impact the Chinese'. Hermandez said 'no.' I believe him then and I believe him now." Listen to Yee's own words, by clicking here.

I had presided over the DE Senate for 4 years, I have never met a senator who would take the words of another senator regarding a bill sponsored by that senator. Every senator would always go back to his/her office and get the staff to begin doing independent assessment. Leland Yee's explanation was nothing but a lie to deceive his Chinese Am supporters. He consistently says one thing, but does just the opposite. Yee is a despicable person.

6. What does it mean for 80-20?
   80-20's effort to empower you continues. A few days ago, 80-20 publicly stated that we need to defeat Leland Yee and Paul Fong for not defending our rightful interests. It must be done to induce the rest of the AsAm elected   officials to be accountable to us in the future. Now, Yee is gone. Fong is yet to go.
   If you live in Paul Fong's election district. Make sure that you tell voters in City District 1 of San Jose, where Fong is running, not to vote for Fong.

   ALL OF US WILL BE EMPOWERED, if we reward and punish the elected officials according to their performance as a public SERVANT.

7. Anything else?
   Get every AsAm to register and vote! That is the only lasting SELF EMPOWERMENT! 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, Inc. 

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