Thursday, February 27, 2014

SCA5: First Victory & Empowerment

   Two great news items! The second may be even more significant.

(1) Assemblyman Ed Chau announced that he will NOT vote for SCA 5,
      as it is currently worded. So the dam has been broken. Many
      more AsAm Assemblypersons are expected to follow suite and defeat
      SCA 5. It only takes one more such announcement to defeat SCA 5 in the
      CA's Assembly.

      Assemblyman Chau was the only one of the AsAm Assembly person to
      return S. B. Woo's phone call on the same day. More importantly, he is the
      first AsAm elected California legislator to defend our rightful interests.
      Hence he should be rewarded with our money and votes, if he proves to
      stickup for us through thick and thin in the SCA 5 episode.

(2) It has been reliably leaked to 80-20 that the CA Senate will announce "NOT
      to proceed" with SCA 5
until more hearings on this bill would be held.
      Hopefully, our three Chinese Am senators, upon learning more about how
      SCA 5 will hurt the AsAm college applicants, will vote no afterwards.

     The 3 senators have a role in causing the "NOT to proceed." But they are
      NOT forgiven until the final defeat of SCA 5 is done. After that, 80-
      20's California leaders will seek a chance to talk to the 3 senators and report
      the result of their discussions to you. After that, you may decide if they are
      worthy of your continued support.

   Don't relax yet. SCA 5 could still come back. Keep up with your pressure.
80-20 likes the privilege of saluting the numerous California local groups for doing
very effective lobbying work with the legislators. That is political maturity!

   This is the kind of EMPOWERMENT that 80-20 has always worked to give to
the 16 million Asian Ams nationwide.

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S. B., a volunteer

President, 80-20 National Asian Am. PAC