Monday, March 24, 2014

Against Impossible Odds, We Fought and Won

To the brave AsAm, particularly Ch-Am, fighters, 80-20 salutes
Against impossible odds, YOU responded to 80-20's clarion call
to "rise and act." YOU provided great local leadership. 80-20 assisted
with its political know-how. TOGETHER, we won.
   Thanks to you, there are much superlative press attention & praise
for you & 80-20 Initiative in the last few days. Against impossible odds, in
a legislative battle where the Dem Party has a 2/3 majority in both the
Senate and the Assembly, we induced the Speaker of the Assembly to kill
the Senate California Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA 5). SCA 5 aimed
to re-introduce "race conscious" college admissions to CA which severely
hurts AsAm students. 

   Seasoned political reporters in prestigious major media said the
following about 80-20.
      1) Economist:    Not black and white .   By Tom Nuttall.
[Note: Economist is an prestigious international weekly, published in
London, England. The author is Tom Nuttall, Economist's west coast
correspondent. He was an editor at the European Council on Foreign
Relations. So he certainly knows politics, and knows how to judge
the effectiveness of political organizations.] 

"THE 80-20 Initiative, an Asian-American lobby group, scored its first big
success last October when it forced Jimmy Kimmel, a television host, to
apologize for allowing a five-year-old boy to suggest on air that America
should kill everyone in China in order to avoid its debt obligations. This
week the group pulled off a more edifying win, defeating an attempt to
allow Californian universities to take account of race when deciding whom
to admit. 

"California's Democrats have long chafed against Proposition 209, . . . .
whizzed through the state Senate. It seemed likely to pass in the lower
house, too. California's voters, a more mixed bunch these days, may well
have supported it. 

"And so after the Senate vote the 80-20 Initiative urged its 350,000
e-mail subscribers to press Asian-American legislators to scrap SCA 5.
Energetic and bottom-up, the ensuing campaign had a Tea-Party whiff to
it. And it worked: their phones ringing off the hook, several Asian-
American Democrats decided that ethnic allegiances trumped partisan
ones and withheld support for the bill. On March 17th John Perez, the
Assembly Speaker, withdrew it from consideration. . . . 
Asian-Americans have low voting rates and are not noted for political
activism. Could this debate change that? S.B. Woo, 80-20's co-founder,
likes to think so. It is time for Asians to acquire the political sophistication
of whites, he argues; they should harass Asian politicians who fail their
constituents, and should be willing to play the parties off against each 604b

   "Economist" is NOT the only media that is reporting our impact
on this legislative reversal. See below. Many more are NOT listed. 

      2) Southern California Public Radio: SCA 5: A political
coming-of-age story for Chinese-Americans
      6) California Magazine, UC Berkeley Alumni Quarterly: Stunned
Legislature Halts Move to Diversify Colleges Amid Asian
American Backlash
   Frankly & honestly, 80-20 got too much credit, because the real credit
should go to YOU!!! 

   On the other hand, was 80-20's clarion call needed? Did its political courage
and know-how provide the hope & direction? If so, then donate to SELF by
clicking here

   A community, as financially well-to-do and politically immature as ours,
should at lest support one political organization that has a splendid record.
If 80-20's SELF project fail to reach $1 million/yr for 5 years in another
15 months, every penny you've donated will be refunded in full. Subsequently,
80-20 will likely demise at the end of 2016.
   Is self-empowerment permanently much much more important than a
victory in SCA 5?  The CHOICE IS YOURS. 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, inc.