Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SCA5 DEAD! EASIEST way to empower yourself

   "SCA 5 IS DEAD" - a quote from 80-20's e-mail to you 4 days ago. Yesterday,
its death was formalized by Assembly Speaker Perez. He referred SCA 5 back
to the CA Senate. Could it come back 2 years from now? Quite likely!
         EMPOWER YOURSELF so that it'll never comeback!

             Register to vote! Here is the EASIEST way.
   If you reside in CA, having registered will enable you to vote against
SCA 5 if necessary. See how the CA Democratic politicians responded to your
protests? If many of us register as Republican voters today, they'll really
get your message. They'll never touch SCA 5 again!
   Nationally, in 2008, only 2.5 of the 6 million eligible AsAms voted.
Imagine if all 6 million had voted and that they are known to ALWAYS
vote in presidential PRIMARIES, like the Jewish. We will be
equal citizens of he US, without batting an eyelash. In America, the
best way to help make immigrants equal citizens is through the political
process -- voting power under expert political guidance.

        Below is for US citizens who have NOT registered
      to vote, or have moved to a new address. Otherwise,
      this email doesn't concern you.
Here is the EASIEST WAY to register to vote! Takes 10 minutes or less.

   Click on https://ssl.capwiz.com/congressorg/nvra/ , you'll see a map. Click
on your state. That leads you to a form. Fill out the form. Click on the
download button firmly, print, SIGN & DATE, and mail in your application
form. You can use you own envelope, if you find it more convenient.
   Your state, upon receiving your application, will mail you a "voter
registration card." YOU NEED TO FILL THAT OUT AND MAIL IT IN. Only
then will you be registered
. Note that registering to vote is ALWAYS A TWO-
STEP PROCESS, whether you register via a website or go to a registration

site in person.

   GO TO: https://ssl.capwiz.com/congressorg/nvra/ NOW! Take 10 minutes
only!!! Be a voter for your children's and grand-children's sake.

   When the "Voter Registration Card" comes, you may want to choose to
vote by absentee PERMANENTLY. That is you VOTE BY MAIL instead of going
to a polling place. It is again the easiest way!!! Forward this e-mail to
your friends. 

   EMPOWER YOURSELF -- 80-20's fondest dream! Register NOW!

SB, a volunteer