Friday, March 14, 2014

UPDATING 80-20’s “Call To Action” on SCA 5

 CONGRATULATIONS & THANKS to many organizations & individuals
who rose and acted against SCA5: Silicon Valley Chinese Association
(SVCA), United Asian American for Activism (UAAFA), the Backbone
Foundation, the Civil Rights WeChat Group, San Diego Asian American for
Equability, Assemblyman Ed Chau, and many others.

   Thanks to you, great progress was made toward the 2 goals for which
80-20 issued a CALL TO ACTION about 20 days ago.

              The 2 Goals stated in 80-20's "Call To Action"
Goal 1: Stop SCA 5 - an immediate need.
Goal 2: Make Asian Am elected officials accountable to our rightful
       interests. That will EMPOWER our community permanently.
                       Updating our Progress
Goal 1: SCA 5 is dead. All who understand politics know that. The
       Republican Party is exploiting the SCA 5 issue in hopes of
       defeating Dem. candidates in the coming June 3 Primary and Nov.
       4 General Election. The Dem Party is scared; and wants to get rid
       of SCA 5 ASAP to avoid a disaster in this year's elections. What
       should we do?
Using one political party to scare the other for its
       hurtful act against us is in the BEST democratic tradition. Keep
       on using this tactics!

Goal 2: Will we get rid of SCA 5 permanently? NO! Unless we work to
       truly empower ourselves - register more AsAm voters to increase
       our voter-share in CA from the current 8% to 10%.
       To scare the Democratic Party, we should register as Republicans. If
       10,000 more AsAms register as Republicans than Democrats
       before June 3, both parties will compete to serve our rightful
       interests. Officials from both parties SHALL become our public
       servants. (Note: You can vote Democrat as a registered Republican. 80-
       20 will like the privilege of making a recommendation to you
       when the elections occur.)

       To truly empower ourselves, we need to PUNISH 2 AsAm elected
       officials, one Dem senator and one assemblyman, for their failure
       to defend our interests during this SCA 5 episode. 80-20 will
       advise, when the time comes. 

                             How to Rise & Act
(1) Want to help to REGISTER Asian Ams to vote? Email me via We'll announce the participants; report the number of
    AsAms who have been registered, broken down to Ds, Rs & Unaffiliated.
    A cash prize of $1,000 shall honor the AsAm org. having registered
    the largest number of AsAms by Oct. 21, 2014 (Tuesday).

(2) Focus on
   ( a) Assemblyman Paul Fong of the 28th District (Campbell), who will
    be term-limited out. He'll run for City Council 1, San Jose. He has
    been very reluctant to help his own people.
   (b) Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski of the 25th district (Fremont)
    which has 49.6% AsAm voters. Kansen Chu has just declared to
    run for his seat.

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Initiative.

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