Friday, March 21, 2014

Q&A on SCA5

1. Q: Who killed SCA 5?
    A: YOU DID.
The AsAms in CA, especially the ChAms, did.
   The pro-Democratic newspapers would have you believe that SCA 5
was killed by the 3 ChAm senators, who have repented, or the Democratic
leadership. The die-hard Republicans will have you believe that the
Republican leadership helped killed SCA 5. The truth is that YOU Killed
, because both parties were forced by the reality of the upcoming
elections to help the AsAm community kill SCA 5 - Ds want to avoid a
disaster during the next elections & Rs want to defeat a few incumbent Ds.

2.  Q: What can we conclude?
We have the POWER to defend ourselves, when we work together & follow
     good political advice. The politicians are weak before a united and
     well-led AsAm community.

3.  Q: How do we consolidate our SELF empowerment?
4 easy key steps:
(1) We must REGISTER to vote and actually vote. See a list of orgs.*which
     have joined 80-20 for a great campaign to register more voters.
(2) We need to pass a strong message to all AsAm politicians who have
     been negligent in defending our rightful interests. So 80-20
     recommends UN-electing
     (a) Paul Fong who'll be term limited out as an Assemblyman and
     will be running for City Council 1 in San Jose, and
     (b) Leland Yee who is also term limited out as a Senator and will be
     running for Secretary of State of CA.
       Ted Lieu has helped 80-20 stop SCA 5 in many ways. He also
     stated publicly: "I will vote against SCA 5 if and when it comes
     back to the Senate and any amendment in any form that continues to
     seek race conscious admissions." We recommend that you give him
     due consideration in his Congressional campaign. Carol Liu's attitude
     in SCA 5 is very questionable, but she is NOT running this year.
(3) Respect all communities of all races.
(4) Don't blame Sen. Hermandez for proposing SCA 5. He is working for
     the interests of his constituents as an elected official should. If all AsAm
     elected officials will be as dutiful to AsAm interest as Sen. Hermandez is
     to Hispanics' interests, AsAms will be doing great.

4.  Q: Does defeating SCA 5 benefit AsAms nationally?
Yes! See how the international & national media now show respect to
     AsAms, and to 80-20 Initiatives
. In the last 3 days, Woo, Pres. of
     80-20 Initiative has 8 interview requests. Click on the blue words
     to see the articles.
1. Economist, a weekly paper published in London, England
2. Southern California Public Radio
3. LA Times
4. San Francisco Chronicle
5. Sacramento Bee
6. The Nation
7. California Magazine, UC Berkeley Alumni Quarterly
8. Pasadena Star-News
9. 80-20 was also mentioned in a blog.

   TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Political Action Committee

* 80-20 is honored to be working with these orgs to register AsAms:
         Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)
         CivilRights WeChat 

         San Diego Asian American for Equality (SDAAFE)
         Chinese United League   
Join this great campaign, if you are not afraid of work.