Wednesday, December 08, 2010

To AsAm Parents, Grandparents & Youngsters

Dear Asian Americans:

I am stepping back from a leadership to a supportive role by year's
end & want to try one more time to articulate the importance of an org.
like 80-20. I beg for 3 minutes of your time to read the following. S.B.

The Kennedy Library had an exhibit "History of immigrants in
America". It told how the Irish, Polish, Italians, and Jews all faced rampant
discrimination in America when they first came, and how they used
the political process to become equal citizens. It concluded with a
huge banner stating:

"The history of America is the history of the immigrant underclass
using the political process to climb out to be the equal class."

What does "using the political process" mean?

It means that a new immigrant group must organize itself to possess the
necessary voting power in order to get the attention of the politicians, who
can use the power of the government to make them equal citizens.

America's constitution guarantees equal opportunity
for all. Why is a political process necessary?

All political systems are administered by human beings. Humans are
full of frailties and contradictions. A common frailty is that, faced with risks
to self interest, most humans will choose to accommodate the strong &
shortchange the weak.
The AsAm community is the smallest minority,
the politically most immature and perhaps the most timid.

o bosses who decide salary increments and promotions,
o human resources offices which decide how to handle a job complaint,
o federal & state officials who make & interpret rules & reward contracts

will very often opt to shortchange Asian Am individuals/orgs for their own

America always understood such human frailties. That's why Exec. Order
11246 exists which allows the use of statistics as one way to ensure decent treatment for the weak & powerless. However, even that law, E.O. 11246, was NOT applied for AsAms until this year, after a 10-year effort by 80-20.

That is why collective political clout under the leadership of an organization/
coalition with political knowledge, courage & integrity is so important.

I hope that you'll do your part to make yourself, your offspring and all
Asian Ams equal citizens. $35 for Basic and $50 for family membership
till 12/31 of next year. Visit: If sending
a check, mail it to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.
Please be sure to denote your e-address on the back of the check.

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