Thursday, December 16, 2010

80-20's New Leaders - more diversity & quality

Good News:

80-20 strived for and achieved DIVERSITY & QUALITY in its new Broad
of Directors! 45% of the its 2011 Board members are now non-Chinese-
although ONLY 15 % of its dues-paying members are
non-Chinese Ams.

80-20's Board now has 1 Caucasian-, 2 Filipino-, 2 Indian-, 2 Japanese-,1 Korean-,
and 1 Vietnamese-American members.Of the six new Board members, 5 are non-Chinese Ams.

Will the composition of the Board and our membership one
day reflect the composition of the Asian Am. community? Hopefully.

80-20's Board of Directors of 2011-12 is presented to you below:

Fel Amistad, San Mateo County Commissioner; analyst (finance)
Quan Cao, Prof., Florida Atlantic Univ.; a Vietnamese-Am scholar
Ved Chaudhary, General Secretary, Hindu Collective Initiative of N.
America, Rutgers University Board of Trustees (1993-95)
Clyde Diao, Chief Economist, Florida Department of Environmental
Dr. Hilary Hsu, Chancellor, City College of San Francisco, 1982-90
Dr. Chenming Hu, Distinguished Chair Professor, Univ. of CA, Berkeley;
US National Academy of Engineering; Chinese Academy of
Sciences; Academia Sinica
Dr. Alice Huang, President, Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Science
previously; professor, Harvard Medical School; Dean, NYU;
Senior Councilor, Caltech
Dr. Yueh-ting Lee, Prof. of Psychology at the Univ. of Toledo, OH; former
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Minot State Univ., ND
Dr. Edward Lin, CEO, Ingenious Technologies Corp; co-founder,
Gulfcoast Chinese Am. Assoc.
Bert Mizusawa, Brigadier General, US Army Reserve; past president,
Japanese American Veteran Association
Linden Nishinaga, Calif. licensed professional engineer; Leadership in
Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional
Subash Razdan, 2003 Ellis Island Medalist
Munsup Seoh, Immediate Past President of the Asian American Council;
professor of Statistics, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio
Ann Shum, Member, Chinese American Community Center in Delaware
Kathleen To, Honorary Tex b19 as Commercial Attache' (1991-93); president
& CEO, KATO Foundation
Dr. William Uy, President, PBidet Corporation; retired DuPont Sr. Research
Scientist with 25 patented inventions
Hon. S.B. Woo, Lt. Governor of Delaware (85-89); retired Physics prof., U.
of Del.
Robert Wu, National President (83-84), OCA; former general manager of
operations, AT&T China
David Yang, Associate Political Scientist, Rand Corporation
Jing-Li Yu, Operations Director ('05-'06), 80-20; J.D., 2010, University of

An Unfortunate Situation
Exec. Director Daniel Feng resigned for personal reasons, beginning
1/1/2011. To ensure that his resignation doesn't make 80-20 extremely
short-handed, Daniel offered to volunteer 10 to 20 hours per week for
several months. He even stated that he'd volunteer more time if his
personal situation improves. Thank you, Daniel.

We are grateful to
Kenneth Fong,
Palo Alto, CA $2,000 to PAC,
Wenxia & Jonathan Raiti, Jacksonville, FL: $1,500 to PAC,
Anthomy Yen, Lakewood, Ohio $400 to PAC,
The World Journal, See a nice article on 80-20 PAC, if you read Chinese -
Hilary Hsu, CA: $1,000 to PAC,
Peter Chen, PA: $2,000 to EF in addition to the $5,000 he has
already donated earlier this year.
S. B. Woo, Newark, DE $500 to EF.

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