Friday, December 10, 2010

Proof: AsAms stepped on!!!

Do you believe 80-20's last e-mail? It stated:

"All political systems are administered by human beings. Humans are
full of frailties and contradictions. A common frailty is that, faced with risks
to self interest, most humans will choose to accommodate the strong &
shortchange the weak
. The AsAm community is the smallest minority,
the politically most immature and perhaps the most timid.

o bosses who decide salary increments and promotions,
o human resources offices which decide how to handle a job complaint,
o federal & state officials who make & interpret rules & reward contracts

will very often opt to shortchange Asian Am individuals/orgs for their own
convenience. "

Want proof? Even native-born is NOT exempt from being stepped on!

Science News, published 2 days ago. Go to

"The most striking result is that native-born Asian
Americans -- who were born in the U.S. and speak English
perfectly --
their income is 8 percent lower than whites after
controlling for their college majors, their places of residence
and their level of education," ChangHwan Kim, assistant
professor of sociology and study leader, said.

Want more proof?

See 80-20's full page public service ad in the Washington
Post, appended at the end of this email. Did any government official or
philanthropic foundation write 80-20 offering to be champions for Asian
Ams, as a result of that ad? None!

What is the solution?

God helps those who help themselves. We need to do as the Irish,
Polish, Italians and all other immigrants have done -- use the
political process. Help establish an AsAm org/coalition that has
the political knowledge, courage and integrity to induce our
federal/state governments to use their immense power to give
us equal opportunity. As individuals none of us has the
resources or the power.

I hope that you'll do your part to empower yourself, your offspring and
all Asian Ams. $35 for Basic, $50 for family membership till 12/31 of next year.
$1,000 for Life Membership. Visit: If sending
a check, mail it to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.
Please be sure to denote your e-address on the back of the check.

Respectfully yours,

S.B., a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, inc.

80-20's full page public service ad in the Washington Post (For a clear view of this ad, click on