Friday, December 03, 2010

Shocking Facts for AsAms (III)

If you've missed "Shocking Facts (I) & (II)" view them at . It is about a presentation
made by Senior V.P. of Southern CA Edison, Jim Kelly, a Caucasian,
to Asian Am. employees in his company.
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(A) Summary of Shocking Facts (I):

Mr. Kelly points to the "harsh facts" faced by Asian Ams after their

Do parents have the generational responsibility to remedy the "harsh facts"
caused by the society for their children?

(B) Summary of Shocking Facts (II)

Mr. Kelly goes on to point out that the mainstream society perceived
Asian Ams as "timid, afraid, followers not leader", and content to be
the "ignored group". See the table below.

AsAm Parents & Grandparents:

Have we been burying our heads in the sand? Most of us are so willing to
spend $50,000 a year to send our children to IVY League schools but not
$50 per year to help them break the glass ceiling after graduation? Why?
Too timid to get involved? Are we setting a good example for our offspring?

(C) Concluding Section of Kelly's Presentation:

Before ending his presentation, Mr. Kelly asks rhetorically "What
can be done to address these issues?

He suggested many ways* including
(1) "AAs must take personal & collective affirmative steps to highlight their
issues & develop leadership skills necessary to break through stereotypes," &
(2) "Supportive resources must be developed, recognized and seized."

AsAm Parents & Grandparents:

Do YOU want to join 80-20 to take collective affirmative steps and provide
supportive resources?
Do you know of an organization working harder &
more effectively to overcome these harsh facts than 80-20 Initiative?

To join, using a credit card, go Using a check, please
send it to

80-20 PAC
P.O. Box 603
Osprey, FL 34229

Please be sure to denote your e-address on the back of the check.

Any one joining now will be a member for the remainder of this year
AND the whole of the next year. A NEW member's dues will be matched
by a $3,000 fund donated by Prof. Chenming Hu of U. of CA., Berkeley.

If we all sacrifice a little, then we can get the job done! JOIN!

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,

* Kelly's primary concern is American corporations' ability to
nurture AA leaders to compete in today's global market. So he also
makes many suggestions about what corporations must do to address
the issues. In contrast, 80-20's primary concern is for Asian Ams. to
enjoy equal opportunity in America. So 80-20 stresses what we must
do ourselves to be equal citizens. For Kelly's complete presentation, visit
Again, 80-20 thanks Mr. Jim Kelly for telling it as it is and thereby doing
the AsAm community a BIG FAVOR.
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