Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Shocking Facts for AsAms (II)!

The following are quotes from Senior V.P. of Southern CA
Edison, Jim Kelly, a Caucasian. He told it as it is. 80-20
thanks him. If you missed "Shocking Facts (I)," catch it at
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No individual or org. likes to be viewed as "timid" & "afraid" .
However, that is how the mainstream society views some of
our attributes.

Slide 9 of Mr. Kelly's presentation compares Asian Am. attribute
against how each attribute is perceived by the mainstream folks.

Note how being "quiet" is perceived as being "afraid" and being
"respectful" is perceived as "timid".

Kelly also quoted research articles stating that Asian Ams
have lower leadership aspiration. He asks,
"Why do Asian Ams have lower leadership aspirations?"

Personally, I don't believe that Asian Ams have lower leadership
aspirations. A true story will illustrate this point. A friend of mine has a
fierce appetite for leadership positions in Chinese Am. orgs. If one exists,
he wants it. However, this same person went out of his way to tell me,
"S.B. I don't want to be a manager in the Dupont Company." Frankly,
I thought it was a case of "sour grape". It was out of "timidity" to
compete in the mainstream and being "afraid" of a possible rejection --
losing face!

We all know some Asian Ams who are fiercely competitive against
fellow AsAms & who are afraid to compete in the mainstream.

Do we blame them? NO!

When women, blacks, and Hispanics didn't think they had equal
opportunity to compete, they exhibited similar self-limitations, but not

Why not today?

The enforcement of Executive Order 11246 by the federal Labor Dept. in
eliminating the glass ceiling for women, blacks and Hispanics woke them
up. They realized that they do have a fair chance to compete. AFTER that
they full-heartedly prepare themselves to have the right attributes to
achieve their dreams.

The same will happen for Asian Ams, when E.O. 11246 is enforced for us
as well -- a project that 80-20 worked on for the last 8 years. See
written commitment by the Labor Dept
to agree to finally enforce E.O.
11246 for Asian Am, dated Feb. 10 and April 7 of 2010. Click on and

What does it take to ensure that the Labor Dept. will honor its
commitment to us?

Collective action! Join 80-20 to collectively urge Pres. Obama, Labor
Secretary Solis*, & OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu to vigilantly enforce
the law for ALL Americans. Will they listen? Yes, they are already
listening. However, when 80-20's membership climbs from 2000 to
5000, you bet that our government will listen. It is that simple! It
is also that hard!!! Will you be one of the additional 3,000 to be
a part of our collective action?

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,

* Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, under Pres. Bush refused to make such a
commitment to Asian Ams.