Monday, August 24, 2015

MSNBC's Urgent Request to 80-20 Regarding 2016 Election

 Interested in 2016 Presidential election? Read this: Urgent Inquiry to 80-20 from MSNBC 

                       MSNBC's URGENT INQUIRY to 80-20:

   A producer at MSNBC, Michele Sobel, emailed S. B. Woo to request his recommendation of Asian Americans residing in battle ground states.  Purpose? It wants to form "a small, diverse pool of voters from across the country to bring to NYC or other debate locations, (and use the group) as  a sort of "focus group" of voters across the country."  

   "Can you recommend a few well-spoken voters who might be willing to join us so I can give them a call and speak with them?  It is a fairly decent time commitment, we would want to travel them for each debate (expenses paid.)"

   She then lists the dates of 1) Republican debates 2) Democratic debate and Caucus and primary election dates, which I shall not reproduce.  She'll send the information to you again.

   If a SELF donor or a PAC member is interested in  participating, please email me to volunteer.  Otherwise, I will be providing MSNBC with a list of names  by 8 p.m. tomorrow evening, together with their respective email addresses.  She will get in touch with you, to  1) provide you with all the dates, and 2) see if there is a mutual fit.  :-)

   This is a wonderful chance to experience & understand presidential elections. To be acquainted and indeed be a part of a "focus group".  See how high-priced political consultants think and operate - they may not be elected, but they have a huge influence on the election of our president.  The Asian Am. community needs many more people who have that kind of political experience.  Don't be shy please.

   Volunteer.   [ Note: (1) I will not be participating, because I can't make that kind of time commitment, and (2) You are NOT asked to represent 80-20.  You'll just represent yourself. :-) ]

                        Don't Forget the SELF Campaign

   We have raised  $812,000/yr for 5 yrs already.  Don't let this $4 million war chest vanish.  We need to reach $1 million/yr for 5 yrs in another 63 days.  The clock is ticking!

The easiest way is to recruit your spouse or parents or children to donate $100/yr for 5 years. 

                                   DONATE TODAY! 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative and 

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80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment, published 3 years ago.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Great News. 4 million raised/1.6 million in the bank.

             Great news 

     Total donations are now $802,000/yr for 5 yrs.  That means you have raised $4 million pledged over the next 5 years. $1.6 million is already in the bank.  Click here to verify.

                Let's Not Lose This Great War Chest
     The war chest may vanish, since  80-20 has promised to refund all donations in full, if requested, if SELF fails to reach $1 million/yr. The clock is ticking.  Only 63 days left.  

              Our Best and Brightest Urge You to Help:             
       A Great Scientist and University President Urged Support for SELF

      Dr. Paul Ching-Wu Chu  wrote his friends asking for their help.  He is the first scientist to demonstrate high-temperature superconductivity, winner of National Medal of Sciences, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and the former President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  He is a $3000/yr for 5 yrs donor.  He wrote:

     "Dear Colleagues,
          I have been impressed for a long time by S. B. Woo's selfless dedication to advancing the welfare of all Asian Americans by creating the 80-20 National Organization and serving as its voluntary president for (many) the last 16  years while having a distinguished career in academy and politics.  SB  recently realizes the importance of  money in realizing the American dreams for Asian Americans  ...

          In view of the recent episodes that have occurred to Asian Americans,  and Chinese  Americans in particular, e.g. Sherry Chen (NY Times, May, 2015),  SB's proposition makes  great sense and is most timely. I would like to ...  encourage  you all to support the Fund ...  for fighting  the legal rights of us all  and our future generations  in the United States, our country.   ...   We  should do all we can to prevent the return of  McCarthyism of the 50's."
     Needless to say, whatever 80-20 has achieved was a group effort. Please help publicize the above news in social media. 

               The best way to get us to $850,000/yr quickly 

The easiest way is to recruit your spouse or parents or children as donors of $100/yr for 5 years. 
     You can even pay for them, so long as they concur. This is legal as a donation to a 501 c-3 organization.   All 80-20 Board Members have agreed to recruit one relative today. We hope to reach $850,000/yr  in one week.   DONATE TODAY! 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

Why are some of us so partisan?  
                                      Look at the Big Picture 

When, God forbid, we are being sent to internment camps, &/OR
when our kids are being  discriminated in college admissions , &/OR
when we face  glass ceiling in workplace, &/OR
when we are  demonized  by the likes of Bob Beckel, &/OR
when we are beaten  with a baseball club by rednecks for "losing" their jobs, &/OR
when we are "accused  of spying until we are not " by FBI,

     Are we asked whether we are Democrats or Republicans?  Will either answer make a difference?  So, why are we so partisan?

                                  Look at 80-20 

     80-20 is NOT partisan.  Our aim is to help all Asian Ams become equal citizens. Our methodology is to lead a swing bloc vote.   Why?  To induce both political parties to compete to serve our rightful interests by appealing to each party's own self-interest which is winning the next election.  

                      Is 80-20 a Democratic Front?  Here are the facts.

1. Democrats are for "race preference" in college admission.  80-20 has led the AsAm community to oppose race preference admissions since May, 2012.

2. CA Democratic leadership engineered the SCA-5 -- a CA  constitutional amendment to permit "race preference" admissions.  80-20 helped stop it.  See what Economist, a prestigious international weekly newspaper, has to say about 80-20's role in "STOP SCA-5."

     "THE 80-20 initiative, an Asian-American lobby group, scored its first big success last October when it forced Jimmy Kimmel, a television host, to apologize (in writing) ... This week the group pulled off a more edifying win, defeating an attempt to allow Calif. universities to take account of race when deciding whom to admit."

3. When 2 Democratic politicians in CA betrayed the rightful interests of AsAms, 80-20 declared to drive them out of politics (Sen. Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong).  80-20 delivered.

     Look into the  background of those who have lied about 80-20.  Do these liars' livelihood depend heavily on the fortune of the Republican Party?  In contrast, 80-20's leadership has no position with the Democratic Party.  Nor will they accept federal government appointments.

     80-20 doesn't endorse candidates who are not willing to give written promises to help AsAms achieve equal opportunity

     Not a single Republican presidential candidate has answered 80-20's questionnaires.  So none was endorsed.  In contrast, Obama, Biden and H. Clinton did.  Indeed, which Republican candidate did answer our questionnaire while her Democratic opponent didn't, and was endorsed by 80-20?  Who? Meg Whitman  who ran against Jerry Brown for CA governor.

THINK.  Would you want 80-20 to support politicians with our bloc vote,  without a written promise?  Is that politically wise?

 Asian Am. Republicans:
     Please help our community build a great war chest, SELF.  Empowering ourselves is the only real answer.

    The Clock is Ticking.   DONATE TODAY!  Help recruit Republicans .  We are only $2k/yr short of $800,000/yr for 5 yrs.   Which two persons  will get us there?

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

     SELF is at $790,000/yr for 5 yrs.  Please help it reach 800,000/yr by tomorrow night.
   Join the historic effort to build a great war chest for 
Asian Americans.

     Fundraising experts told 80-20: 

     "If SELF can reach $750,000/yr for 5 yrs, if 80-20 Initiative is worthy and your community is   warm blooded, then you'll get every kind of help from every corner of your community to reach $1 million/yr."

     That projection seems TRUE!   The following "Total Donation by State" was provided by Wei-jing Zhu of Pal Alto, CA.  He constructed the following chart from published data.  He has been donating $20,000/yr and has just recruited a $1,000/yr donor for SELF.

Total Donation by State

     CA is, as expected, first.  CA has 35% of this nation's AsAm population.  It accounts for $1.32 million of the current $3.9 million pledged thus far.  

     DE, MN, NY, TX, NJ and MA follow CA.  

     DE's second place is not really earned, because 80-20 PAC &  EF, both registered in  DE, have donated very generously.  However, money from the  coffers of PAC and EF, was  raised  from throughout the nation .

                         Competitive & Fun Spirit 

     Will this generate a competitive spirit among states in our race to the $1 million/yr?  Why not?  It'll be fun and will be for a GREAT cause.  
  "Winning without fighting is the only victory."  - Sun Tzu

       Help 80-20 achieve the above strategic goal for YOU, by helping SELF reach its goal.   The Clock is Ticking.   Donate TODAY!  Help SELF Reach $800,000/yr by tomorrow night .  

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

     SELF is at $785,000/yr for 5 yrs.  Please help it reach 800,000/yr in the next few days.

 Join the historic effort to build a great war chest for Asian Americans.

                                   How to Recruit

     Speaking from the heart is the best way.  One of the letters, shown below, enriched our war chest by thousands of dollars per year.     

a) From someone who knows 80-20's inner workings:

  " ... fighting at this level ....  working behind the scenes  ... .  Think about this: who and what organizations are working for  Asian Americans in this country? 
Don't you want somebody watching out for us and our children while we go on living our normal life?  PLEASE help keep our fire going! ..."

b) From someone who doesn't even know whether S.B. Woo is a male or female:

     "I have been receiving the email below a number of times and feel compelled to share this with you. This organization is fighting against discrimination targeting Asian or Chinese Americans. I think that I made a one time $500 donation last year and I am committed to make a monthly $100 donation for the next 5 years. I think that this is a good investment. I am offended when I hear that someone make discriminatory statements against Chinese Americans randomly and publicly but without any consequences. This is sad. .... I think that S.B. will be  more than happy to introduce to you what her or his organization will do with your money.  " [Emphasis added by S. B. Woo.  For the record, I am a male. :-)  I am a retired physics prof. and former Lieutenant  Governor of Delaware (1985-89), and have volunteered for 80-20 for the past 16 years.]
  "Winning without fighting is the only victory."  - Sun Tzu

Help 80-20 achieve the above strategic goal for YOU, by helping SELF reach its goal.   The Clock is Ticking.  Donate TODAY! Help SELF Reach $800,000/yr ASAP.   

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

     We are at  $774,800/yr for 5 yrs.  With only 74 days left, we MUST  raise $3500/yr for 5 yrs each day --  a very challenging  goal.
     SELF received a big boost from Al and Shirley Foung of Los Angeles yesterday. They increased their donation from $5000/yr to $8000/yr for 5 yrs.  Thanks to this generous couple, plus a few other NEW donors, we hit the goal of raising $3.5k/yr per day.
     DonorsPlease kindly consider doubling or tripling your donation. New donors are appearing but we still need your help.
     Non-donors:  Please start giving. 
     We know that there are about 1500 persons who had religiously read EVERY 80-20  e-newsletter, but who have not donated a cent to SELF. If you are in that group,  please pitch in with your money.  
     80-20 initiative is absolutely serious that if we can't reach the $1 million/yr  for 5  yrs goal, 80-20 PAC will cease operation.  Have you then lived up  to your responsibility  to give your offspring a better life?  
     Those of us at  80-20 have mostly given 16 year of our lives  volunteering to serve you.  We feel that we have done our best.   Have you?
     Whether you are a donor or non-donor, please try to recruit ONE new donor for 80-20 who will donate $100/yr for 5 yrs.  We need 2000 of them.  If we achieve that goal, we will have shown amazing cohesiveness within our community.  No one will likely dare to tread on us again.

  "The supreme art of war is to achieve one's objectives without fighting"  - Sun Tzu 

     Help 80-20 achieve the above strategic goal for YOU, by helping SELF reach its goal.

     The Clock is Ticking.  Donate TODAY!  Help  Reach $800,000/yr by next Wednesday (July 19).   Or email  S. B. to tell him that you'll double or triple your donation!

     It'll take 23 caring & generous souls each giving $1000/yr or 230 giving $100/yr.  Please consider being one of them.  Thank you.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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