Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Youths Spoke Up

                                True Empowerment I
   You've heard me said it before, "Nothing that 80-20 has done is really
that significant. However, if 80-20 has helped to induced AsAms adults
to rise and act to defend their rights, that is significant. That is empower-
ment. Empowerment is significant, because it is not only more lasting but
may also be causing a permanent change in the fabric of our community."
   When AsAms adults, especially Ch-Ams, rose to defeat SCA 5 in CA,
that was proof for our "True Empowerment I."
                                True Empowerment II
   Great News: Our youths have spoken up for their rights!
   See articles written by our youths who are enrolled in our nation's best
high schools, speaking against "race preference" in college admissions:
1) From the school paper of Styvesant High School, NY (80% AsAm
     students), an article entitled:
     "Ivy Day Is Asian Discrimination Day Subtitle: And Whites Reap
     the Benefits" was published. Click here to read it.
2) On Phillipian, Phillips Academy, MA, this article
     "The Price of Discrimination" by David Shin
     was published. Click here to read it.
   Just a few years back, AsAm student organizations, including East Coast
Asian American Student Union, ECASU, adhere to the political correctness
of OCA, AAJC, and NAACP. They supported "race-conscious" admissions.
My conjecture is that the new AsAm high school graduates may soon change
ECASU's position. The making of "True Empowerment II"?
                                True Empowerment III
   No empowerment is complete, if ELECTED political officers of a minority
community may blatantly ignore the rightful interests of their voters. During
our struggle to defeat SCA 5, two elected AsAm officials are not helpful.
The are Sen. Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong. We must UN-elect them,
as a punishment for their abandonment of our interest.
   Leland Yee is already UN-elected. He withdrew his candidacy owing to
federal indictments.
   We still need to defeat Paul Fong who is now running for City Council
Distr ict 1, San Jose. Fong' faces a primary election on June 3. His strongest
opponent is Charles "Chappie" Jones. Mr. Jone was interviewed by
Silicon Valley Chinese Club, a good local organization, which subsequently
endorsed Chappie. This is the Paul Fong who didn't fight for us to stop
SCA5 and who sponsored the "Prohibit shark's fin soup" legislation without
giving our merchants an adequate warning. When Fong is Un-elected, it'll
be "True Empowerment III." Thereafter, few will dare to blatantly ignore
our rightful interests.
   EMPOWER YOURSELF! Click on SELF . Thank you.
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, Inc.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Getting ready for the 2016 Presidential Race?

(A) Getting "race-neutral" college admissions into the 2016 Presidential Race?
   Thus far, every presidential campaign waged on as if Asian Ams didn't exist. Might the 2016 presidential campaign be different?
   Is it time for the nation to get our presidential candidates to say what they think of "race-neutral" college admissions. Impossible? May be not!
   See what CNN published a few days ago. Its title is: Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton Together Again to Talk Education

   "Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton - two central figures in modern politics with 2016 prospects - joined forces Monday to talk global education."
   "In her keynote address, Clinton praised Bush's dedication to education reform since serving two terms as governor of Florida, where he overhauled the state's education system, introducing a school voucher program and banning using race as a factor in university admissions."
   When there is a will, there is a way. Let me know by emailing, if you are interested in working with 80-20 to jointly find a way to interject this topic into the next presidential campaign. Do you head an organization with 100 or more members?"
   Even when you said that you are very interested, there is NO commitment from you to work with us, until more details are agreed upon. We just to see if it'll tickle the imagination of the Asian Am community. Love to hear from you, pro or con. Please use real name and e-mail address. :-) 

(B) A recent LA Times article --a succinct description of the past, present, and future of SCA 5:
   Its title is: Affirmative action non-action still causing waves in Sacramento, published 3 days ago.
   The author is Melanie Mason who is the LA Times reporter stationed in Sacramento to cover the CA legislative activities. She should know the real story.

(C) Media Attention on AsAm's 2016 Presidential Race Inclination:
   What Asian Ams. in CA have done in SCA 5 has SHAKEN the political world. As a result, 80-20 President, S.B. Woo, was interviewed by reporters from both ends of the political spectrum, regarding our community's possible voting inclination in the 2016 presidential election. A shift of 3 million
AsAm votes in 2016 will be an earthquake!
With such media attention, opportunities abound! Are we good enough to seize it? The reporters were

(i) Katy Murphy who writes for Oakland Tribune - Mercury News - Contra Costa Times -- all liberal papers, and  
 (ii) Tim Cavanaugh who writes for The National Review, a bimonthly conservative magazine started by William Buckley.
    Let's keep our eyes on the ball -- how to win equal opportunity for our children through the 2016 elections. Let's work together!
   Have you REGISTERED to vote?

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, Inc.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Q& A regarding Senator Leland Yee

Reference: A 137 page affidavit prepared by the FBI many days ago, but unsealed yesterday. To read it, Click here

1. How long has FBI's agents been tracking Yee?

Almost 3 years, since May 2011. Much, if not all, of the checks paid to Yee and conversations with Yee were recorded.

2. When was the latest meeting between Yee and an FBI undercover agent, & what did they talk about?

13 days ago on March 14, 2014. 


How Yee could get illegal arms for the FBI undercover agent.

3. What are the charges against Yee?

Taking bribes (or wire fraud of honest service) and selling arms without a license.

4. What might be the consequence for Yee? Jail? 
Jail or not, Yee's campaign for CA's Secretary of State will 100% certain collapse. CA's Senate leader has already publicly asked Yee to resign.

5. What kind of a person is Yee?
   (1) Yee is an anti-gun advocate, but he traffics firearms.
   (2) Yee's secretary of state campaign advocates for government transparency and stopping corruption, but his dirty deeds are hidden from the sun and he took bribes.     
   (3) Yee swears that he'd always defend Chines Am. interest, but he voted for SCA 5.  Yee said that "I asked Sen. Hermandez 'if SCA 5 will negatively impact the Chinese'. Hermandez said 'no.' I believe him then and I believe him now." Listen to Yee's own words, by clicking here.

I had presided over the DE Senate for 4 years, I have never met a senator who would take the words of another senator regarding a bill sponsored by that senator. Every senator would always go back to his/her office and get the staff to begin doing independent assessment. Leland Yee's explanation was nothing but a lie to deceive his Chinese Am supporters. He consistently says one thing, but does just the opposite. Yee is a despicable person.

6. What does it mean for 80-20?
   80-20's effort to empower you continues. A few days ago, 80-20 publicly stated that we need to defeat Leland Yee and Paul Fong for not defending our rightful interests. It must be done to induce the rest of the AsAm elected   officials to be accountable to us in the future. Now, Yee is gone. Fong is yet to go.
   If you live in Paul Fong's election district. Make sure that you tell voters in City District 1 of San Jose, where Fong is running, not to vote for Fong.

   ALL OF US WILL BE EMPOWERED, if we reward and punish the elected officials according to their performance as a public SERVANT.

7. Anything else?
   Get every AsAm to register and vote! That is the only lasting SELF EMPOWERMENT! 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, Inc. 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Against Impossible Odds, We Fought and Won

To the brave AsAm, particularly Ch-Am, fighters, 80-20 salutes
Against impossible odds, YOU responded to 80-20's clarion call
to "rise and act." YOU provided great local leadership. 80-20 assisted
with its political know-how. TOGETHER, we won.
   Thanks to you, there are much superlative press attention & praise
for you & 80-20 Initiative in the last few days. Against impossible odds, in
a legislative battle where the Dem Party has a 2/3 majority in both the
Senate and the Assembly, we induced the Speaker of the Assembly to kill
the Senate California Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA 5). SCA 5 aimed
to re-introduce "race conscious" college admissions to CA which severely
hurts AsAm students. 

   Seasoned political reporters in prestigious major media said the
following about 80-20.
      1) Economist:    Not black and white .   By Tom Nuttall.
[Note: Economist is an prestigious international weekly, published in
London, England. The author is Tom Nuttall, Economist's west coast
correspondent. He was an editor at the European Council on Foreign
Relations. So he certainly knows politics, and knows how to judge
the effectiveness of political organizations.] 

"THE 80-20 Initiative, an Asian-American lobby group, scored its first big
success last October when it forced Jimmy Kimmel, a television host, to
apologize for allowing a five-year-old boy to suggest on air that America
should kill everyone in China in order to avoid its debt obligations. This
week the group pulled off a more edifying win, defeating an attempt to
allow Californian universities to take account of race when deciding whom
to admit. 

"California's Democrats have long chafed against Proposition 209, . . . .
whizzed through the state Senate. It seemed likely to pass in the lower
house, too. California's voters, a more mixed bunch these days, may well
have supported it. 

"And so after the Senate vote the 80-20 Initiative urged its 350,000
e-mail subscribers to press Asian-American legislators to scrap SCA 5.
Energetic and bottom-up, the ensuing campaign had a Tea-Party whiff to
it. And it worked: their phones ringing off the hook, several Asian-
American Democrats decided that ethnic allegiances trumped partisan
ones and withheld support for the bill. On March 17th John Perez, the
Assembly Speaker, withdrew it from consideration. . . . 
Asian-Americans have low voting rates and are not noted for political
activism. Could this debate change that? S.B. Woo, 80-20's co-founder,
likes to think so. It is time for Asians to acquire the political sophistication
of whites, he argues; they should harass Asian politicians who fail their
constituents, and should be willing to play the parties off against each 604b

   "Economist" is NOT the only media that is reporting our impact
on this legislative reversal. See below. Many more are NOT listed. 

      2) Southern California Public Radio: SCA 5: A political
coming-of-age story for Chinese-Americans
      6) California Magazine, UC Berkeley Alumni Quarterly: Stunned
Legislature Halts Move to Diversify Colleges Amid Asian
American Backlash
   Frankly & honestly, 80-20 got too much credit, because the real credit
should go to YOU!!! 

   On the other hand, was 80-20's clarion call needed? Did its political courage
and know-how provide the hope & direction? If so, then donate to SELF by
clicking here

   A community, as financially well-to-do and politically immature as ours,
should at lest support one political organization that has a splendid record.
If 80-20's SELF project fail to reach $1 million/yr for 5 years in another
15 months, every penny you've donated will be refunded in full. Subsequently,
80-20 will likely demise at the end of 2016.
   Is self-empowerment permanently much much more important than a
victory in SCA 5?  The CHOICE IS YOURS. 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, inc.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Q&A on SCA5

Q: Who killed SCA 5?
The AsAms in CA, especially the ChAms, did.
   The pro-Democratic newspapers would have you believe that SCA 5
was killed by the 3 ChAm senators, who have repented, or the Democratic
leadership. The die-hard Republicans will have you believe that the
Republican leadership helped killed SCA 5. The truth is that YOU Killed
, because both parties were forced by the reality of the upcoming
elections to help the AsAm community kill SCA 5 - Ds want to avoid a
disaster during the next elections & Rs want to defeat a few incumbent Ds.

Q: What can we conclude?
We have the POWER to defend ourselves, when we work together & follow
     good political advice. The politicians are weak before a united and
     well-led AsAm community.

Q: How do we consolidate our SELF empowerment?
4 easy key steps:
(1) We must REGISTER to vote and actually vote. See a list of orgs.*which
     have joined 80-20 for a great campaign to register more voters.
(2) We need to pass a strong message to all AsAm politicians who have
     been negligent in defending our rightful interests. So 80-20
     recommends UN-electing
     (a) Paul Fong who'll be term limited out as an Assemblyman and
     will be running for City Council 1 in San Jose, and
     (b) Leland Yee who is also term limited out as a Senator and will be
     running for Secretary of State of CA.
       Ted Lieu has helped 80-20 stop SCA 5 in many ways. He also
     stated publicly: "I will vote against SCA 5 if and when it comes
     back to the Senate and any amendment in any form that continues to
     seek race conscious admissions." We recommend that you give him
     due consideration in his Congressional campaign. Carol Liu's attitude
     in SCA 5 is very questionable, but she is NOT running this year.
(3) Respect all communities of all races.
(4) Don't blame Sen. Hermandez for proposing SCA 5. He is working for
     the interests of his constituents as an elected official should. If all AsAm
     elected officials will be as dutiful to AsAm interest as Sen. Hermandez is
     to Hispanics' interests, AsAms will be doing great.

Q: Does defeating SCA 5 benefit AsAms nationally?
Yes! See how the international & national media now show respect to
     AsAms, and to 80-20 Initiatives
. In the last 3 days, Woo, Pres. of
     80-20 Initiative has 8 interview requests. Click on the blue words
     to see the articles.
1. Economist, a weekly paper published in London, England
2. Southern California Public Radio
3. LA Times
4. San Francisco Chronicle
5. Sacramento Bee
6. The Nation
7. California Magazine, UC Berkeley Alumni Quarterly
8. Pasadena Star-News
9. 80-20 was also mentioned in a blog.

   TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Political Action Committee

* 80-20 is honored to be working with these orgs to register AsAms:
         Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)
         CivilRights WeChat 

         San Diego Asian American for Equality (SDAAFE)
         Chinese United League   
Join this great campaign, if you are not afraid of work.

80-20 Initiative

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