Monday, October 13, 2014

The Record Against Paul Fong of San Jose

Q: 80-20 usually focuses on Presidential races.  Why focus on Paul Fong, running for a city district 1 seat in San Jose?
A: 80-20's goal is find the most effective way to increase the political voice of  Asian Ams, whether through presidential election or local elections.

Q: Why Paul Fong?
A: After the "STOP SCA-5" experience in California, 80-20 sadly realized that the AsAm community in CA, where 35 % of Asian Ams reside, was NOT holding its elected AsAm officials accountable to defend its rightful interest.  It wasn't just Paul Fong.  Former CA Sen. Leland Yee was another.  Leland Yee has already been driven out of politics, when his arms trade deal was exposed.  Paul Fong is unfortunately still in politics.  Fong didn't speak for us as an elected official.  Indeed, he seems bent on using us or even doing us in for his own benefit.

Q: That is a very strong accusation.  Can you give concrete evidences?
A: Yes.  2 well-known public records.

    (1) In 2011, Paul Fong proposed banning shark fin in CA, without giving the  AsAms in CA adequate time to adjust to such a ban. For what? Save sharks?  Compare him against the US senators from tobacco-producing states, who gave their constituents decades to adjust, even when smoking cost human lives. 
    (2) In 2014, Fong was the head of the AsAm Caucus in CA Assembly when SCA-5 passed the Senate & required a 2/3 majority to pass the Assembly. Fong sat on the fence in spite of appeals from thousand of AsAms for him tostate his opposition to SCA-5.  However, on the day SCA-5 was dead, Fong jumped out to claim credit and tried to raise campaign contributions. 80-20
understands and sympathizes with the unique needs of elected officials.  Still, in this case, we found Fong's Machiavellian behavior disgusting!
Now, Fong runs for a City Council seat in San Jose, because he'll be term limited out of the 29th Assembly district.  The mainstream media seems to see him as a slick unprincipled politician just like we do. The Mercury News (MN), which has ample time to observe Fong, endorsed his opponent, Chappie Jones, with a cutting comment on Fong.  MN has this to say about Fong.

"In District 1, Assemblyman Paul Fong, D-Cupertino, bought a condo in San Jose last year to be labor's candidate for council. His Assembly district included only part of District 1 until two years ago, when redistricting added the rest. We can't resist repeating our favorite Fong quote: 'I know the San Jose area very well because I've driven by it every day, too.' Fortunately, his opponent, Chappie Jones, is the real deal  . . . "  (Emphasis added)   
Click here for the complete Mercury News editorial endorsement.

Q:  Powerful evidences!  But he is only a local politician. So what if 80-20 succeeds in getting him out of politics?
A: A good question!  Getting him out of politics will be a message heard by ALL AsAm elected officials NATIONWIDE! 

As soon as SCA-5 was dead, 80-20 declared to defeat 2 AsAm politicians, Leland Yee and Paul Fong, to set examples.  They were particularly unfaithful to our community's rightful interests during the SCA-5 episode.  If both are no longer around after the November election, this message will be registered and welcomed by all good AsAm elected officials.

That message together with the bloc vote which 80-20 leads in presidential elections give Asian Ams the political voice that we need to be EQUAL CITIZENS of this great nation.  

                  HELP!  FORWARD this to your friends in San Jose.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm PAC, Inc. (

PS: On the strong recommendation of SVCA of CA, 80-20 endorses Catharine Baker for CA Assembly district 16.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Q & A: Collectively, we failed OUR children on Beckel

Q: Why is 80-20 harking back to Beckel again?  This is old news.
A: Beckel demonized us, without repercussion.  It set an extremely DAN-GEROUS precedent against us.  It will be an albatross around our collective neck FOREVER, until we've righted the wrong!  The timid ones in our community have become quiet.  NOT 80-20.  We'll persist.

Q: Beckel has apologized.  He said he was aiming at the Chinese government. Isn't that enough?  
A: No, he lied.   

Beckel said, "  . .  the Chinese .. biggest threat ... they have been, and they will be, .. we bring them over here, a bunch of Chinamen, .. billions of them ..."  Are these words applicable to a government?  Can a government be brought "over here"?  Is the word "billions" applicable to a government?  Don't engage in COWARDLY self-deception.
Q: A lot of Chinese Ams are AFRAID.  Don't you think that our continued protest could be viewed as siding with the Chinese government?
A:  No! If ALL a racists who demonized us in a public broadcast needed to do was to say that the attack was meant for the Chinese government, then we'd be scared and back off, then we are cowards indeed!  We are condemning ourselves and our children to be constantly attacked by racists with a free pass - a retrospective statement that the attack was meant for the Chinese government.  We must speak up.  We must nip in the bud this kind of demonization against us.  

Q: Still why is 80-20 so worked up by Beckel's statement?
A:  Beckel said, 
 "As usual, we bring them over here and we teach a bunch of Chinamen -- er, Chinese people -- how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.  . . Billions of us.  . . . They kill kids. "
Beckel, without proof, questions the loyalty of CHINESE AMERICANS to the USA.  A huge proportion of Chinese Ams, myself included, came initially as students to study science and technology in the US and then stayed.  Many stayed and served the nation earnestly.  Yes, most of us do visit China often, just like Caucasian-Ams visit Europe often, although we don't "go back to China and hack into" America.   Beckel's statement, if unchecked, could endanger the lives and liberty of all Chinese Americans. Remember the Jews in Nazi Germany, who didn't speak up till too late.  Fortunately, the U.S. is not Nazi Germany.

Q: OK then.  You realize that America is NOT Nazi Germany.  So why worry?
A: If we don't speak up, things will almost certainly get much worse.  The US is not a shining example in its treatment of minorities.  Look at the history:

  1. The US abolished slavery 32 year after England had done so in 1833, 
  2. The US practically wiped out the Native Indian population, 
  3. The US adopted the Chinese-Exclusion act in 1882, not because Ch-Ams were bad.  It's because the locals in SF felt we were beginning to compete for jobs,
  4. Japanese Ams. were interned during WWII - a much kinder act than the killing of Jews in Nazi Germany.  However,  German- and Italian-Americans were not interned.  Ironically, Japanese Ams in Hawaii, though a large security risk than Japanese Ams in the mainland, were NOT interned, because the Hawaii economy would collapse without them.  (Note:  Not a single Japanese-Am. was accused as a spy during WWII.)
Retrospectively, our own historian and scholars concluded that the above acts were driven by selfish interest of the majority at the expense of the minorities. Could such unjust acts occur again?   Can we be so sure that the past generations of Americans were so much worse than our compatriots of today?

Q: Hymmm.  I'm beginning to see 80-20's point of view.   What happens to all those politicians and orgs. which jump in early, demanding Beckel's resignation or firing?
A:  You need to ask them.  I hope that they are still working at it.  

SB Woo, a volunteer 
President of 80-20 Initiative
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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Importance of Asia & Therefore Asian Americans

                     (A) The Importance of Asia 
    Take one look at the 2 world maps below.   Most rational people will immediately recognize the importance of Asia, especially when its "GDP per capita average annual growth rate" is 2% higher than the world average.
(1) The World Divided Into 7 Regions, Each with a Population of 1 Billion

(2)  There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it


       (B) The Value of Asian Americans to the U.S.
    Think back to how America took advantage of its European immigrants to hook into the booming European economy in the 18th to 20th centuries! It is only natural that President Obama's "Rebalancing in Asia" will take advantage of America's 17 million Asian Americans in the 21s century to hook into the booming economy in Asia.   

    There are other factors which make Asian Ams even more important to U.S.  Most Asian Americans are highly educated.  The % of Asian Ams with Bachelor, Master, Professional, or Doctoral degree is 50% to 100 % higher than whites and even higher when compared with other races.  Most Asian Ams are known to be hardworking and law-abiding. The potential of how Asian Americans can be helpful to the U.S.
is limited only by one's imagination.  

    CONVERSELY, if Asian Ams adults face the lowest glass ceiling in work-places and their youths face the highest hurdle to enter first tier universities, will Asian Ams be as helpful to America and/or to President Obama's design to rebalance in Asia? 

   (C) Your Company, University, or Boss Aware of This?

     Forward this to your boss and friends.  Help your employer(s) to be aware and make use of this potential early.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian American Initiative, Inc.


PS 80-20 is pressing on with seeking a deterrent against the type of racist attack on Chinese Americans by Beckel of Fox.  However, it'll be a long tough battle.  "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."  Which type are you?  Which type is 80-20 Initiative, when compared with other Asian Am organizations and individuals?  Want to help 80-20? Click here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Glass Ceiling Report on AsAms

We've come a long way,
 BUT we've got a long long way to go!

               (A) Where We Were in 2000-2002, in 
            private industries, universities & federal government
The data & methodology used to construct the graph below was verified by then EEOC Chief Statistician Ronald Edwards.


           (B) 80-20's Efforts to Raise the Glass Ceiling 

(1)  Click here to see the  full-page ad. 80-20 bought in Washington Post in 2006 to publicize that Asian Ams suffer the lowest glass ceiling, while having the highest academic attainment. 

(2)  Click here to see how then presidential candidate Obama promised in writing to 80-20 to help raise the glass ceiling over AsAms.  See his Yes, Yes, Yes answers to the first 3 questions.  His Labor Dept. sent a letter to 80-20 promising to "rigorously enforce EO 11246" for AsAms.

                         (C) We  Have Come a Long Way

All three bars for AsAms have climbed.  In private industries, AsAms no longer have the lowest bar.  In universities and federal government, where there is so much emphasis on political correctness, AsAms still fare the worst.

                (D) We still Have a Long Long Way to Go

On 7/23/2014, 80-20's Chenming Hu (a retired chair-professor), Jing-Li Yu (a promising attorney) and I visited Deputy Labor Secretary  Chris Lu.  We reviewed the above data, discussed the progress and set-backs.  We all concluded that there is a long long way to go for AsAms.   We must continue to push!

There will be a conference call organized by Dep. Sec. Chris Lu, joined by Rep Grace Meng (NY-6) and Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) on the labor force status of AAPI.  Time will be tomorrow, 3:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. EDT. The call-in number is: 1-888-995-9166, passcode is 3174329.

Help an organization like 80-20.  It has served you long & tirelessly. The best progress is made when it is "One for all, and all for all"  Don't forget to sign up for the petition:

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian American Initiative, Inc.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CALL TO ACTION-Boycott Begins

    [A]  The Clarion Has Sounded! 

         It's time to push back for self-protection.  Please sign the petition to boycott Fox TV and the sponsors of "The Five," unless Beckel either resigns or is fired.   To reach the petition, click on
     [B]  Why must Beckel be fired?

          If he is not, then more such DEMONIZATION of Chinese will come, until some of our fellow Americans will begin to act out such vicious accusations.  Remember what Beckel said,

      "Really, doesn't anybody worry about these people?  Billions of
       them, and all they do is hack into our stuff.  They send us
       cheap toys, all of which got lead in them. They kill kids."

         What a racist! Note he said billionS, that means just hating Chinese citizens is NOT enough for Beckel.  He hates Chinese-Americans, Chinese-Canadians, all persons of Chinese descent including those having settled outside of China for generations and also those who are part Chinese.

        If our fellow Americans will only share 1/10 of the hate Beckel is spewing, forget winning equal opportunity for our children in colleges admissions, forget your career ambitions in workplaces.  Our lives, liberty, self respect, and properties will be severely threatened.

        We must get a huge number of petitioners each day for 3 days.  Be sure to get your spouse and other members of your family to sign too!  After that forward the "thank you" reply from 80-20 to all friends to ask them to sign also.  After 3 days, the ripple effect which 80-20 has designed will likely keep the momentum going bigger and bigger. 

         As soon as you've signed, your statement will be sent to at least 8 top mangers* of Fox TV and the largest sponsor of "The Five" on Fox.   I have signed.  Tens of thousands of others will.

     [C]  Don't Accept 2nd Class Citizenship
         FRANKLY, if the word "Chinese" had been replaced by Jews or blacks, Beckel would have been fired a long time ago.   Go sign the petition NOW!


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian American Initiative, Inc.

*  Your petition will be sent to

    a) Managers of Fox:
Mr. Rupert Murdoch:
Mr. Roger Ailes:
Ms. Irena Briganti: 
   b) Managers of the the largest sponsors of "The Five":
         Mr. Warren Buffett, Geico:
         Mr. Mike Getlin, Merit Gold & Silver:
         Mr. Mark Katz, New Day USA:
         Mr. Marin Aleksov, Rosland Capital: and 
         Mr. John McCabe, Shriner Hospital for Children:

There is a chance that above e-addresses will block us after a while.  But don't let that  discourage
you.  We'll get your signed petition to the managements of Fox and its sponsors one way or another, 
including the use snail mails.   Sign the petition NOW!

80-20 Initiative

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