Friday, December 09, 2016

A Post Mortem: How AsAms Fared in 2016 Election?

Ask a candidate to help back, BEFORE giving your help

                     A Post Mortem - A National Review
     Did AsAm political groups, whether they supported Dems or GOPs, sufficiently seize the opportunity of the 2016 election to win equal opportunity?   Here is a nationwide review:
                               A. On the Hillary Clinton (HC) side:
(A1)  80-20
       AFTER HC gave written promises to help AsAms achieve many specific goals, 80-20 endorsed her.  80-20 PAC spent time and money to help her fight off Sanders in the Calif. Democratic primary.  80-20 REWARDS politicians who share our rightful concerns.
       In the general election, 80-20 invited HC to call in during our Endorsement Convention and ask for our support,  HC was willing to send a high-ranking surrogate,but not willing to make the call herself.  As a result, 80-20 endorsed HC with reservation only& didn't invest 1 penny to help HC in the last 4.5 months of the election.  
(A2) Non-80-20 groups:
       A few AsAm groups helped HC, including the Congressional Asian Pacific Am Caucus.  To our best knowledge, none asked for nor obtained promises from HC in exchange for their support. 
                              B. On the Donald Trump (DT) side:
(B1) 80-20:  
        80-20 asked DT to answer its questionnaire i.e. to give AsAms written promises.  DT didn't reply.   As a result, 80-20 turned to help HC only.  80-20 PUNISHES politicians who don't share our rightful concerns.
(B2) Non-80-20 groups:
        A few Chinese Am groups, composed mostly of immigrants from China, campaigned aggressively and conspicuously for DT using WeChat and other campaign tactics.   To our best knowledge, none asked for nor obtained promises from DT in exchange for their support.
      May We All Resolve to Ask for Promises from Candidates?
     Why get into politics?  To help America & ourselves!   So, shouldn't we always ask for the candidates to help our community back, before supporting  them?  Helping a presidential candidate without getting the promises back does NOT help us as a community.
       Is the rumor that 90% of Chinese Ams voted for DT true?
     No.  The groups that made such claims couldn't even deliver votes in their own little backyards, much less nationally.  

     The groups aggressively endorsed political candidates using WeChat.  Here is their won-lost record:
1) Besides endorsing DT, they also endorsed 1 Republican Senate and 5 Republican Congressional candidates in CA.  All endorsed candidates lost, except DT.
2)  To be effective at the US Senate and Congressional level would require huge number of votes and money, especially in CA.   So let's look at the won-lost record of their Assembly race endorsements.  Assembly districts are small. 
      From SF to LA, this group endorsed 10 candidates, one D and 9 Rs.  In 9 of those 10 districts, there were 20% to 36% AsAm voters.  Of the 10 endorsed, 2 incumbents, 1 D and 1 R won.  All the rest lost, including 2 incumbent Republicans.
      The group stated that it wanted to prevent the Dems in CA from obtaining a supermajority in the state Senate and Assembly, which didn't exist BEFORE the 2016 election.  However, AFTER the election, the Dems achieved a supermajority in both Senate and Assembly. PLEASE, you be the judge about the validity of that rumor.  
     NY Times' exit polls reported that AsAms gave HC an 65-29 advantage.  80-20 did a huge poll of Chinese Ams that agreed with that report.
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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Political winds are changing - buy Insurance

Even 80-20 is Buying Reinsurance
The Political Winds May be Changing

    As 80-20 stated last week, IF President-elect Donald Trump is as bad as some think he is: 
       xenophobic (fear of foreigners),
     anti-immigrant (much fewer green cards issued in the next 4 years), and
     protectionist (very high tariff to limit imports from China & other parts of Asia),

 then we may all need 80-20 more than ever before.
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                                 Even 80-20 Is Buying Insurance 
    You, as an individual, buy insurance from 80-20.  80-20, as an organizationbuys reinsurance to give all of us additional security.  
     80-20 buys reinsurance by coming up with politically effective ideas, and spending time, effort and energy to organize a loose Coalition so that the entire AsAm community will fight as one when needed. 
     For now we name the "reinsurance company" Asian American Unity Coalition, AAUC.   80-20 is NOT the leader of that coalition, although we pride ourselves for working hard to get it organized.
                                   The First four Members of AAUC

      Thus far, there are 4 members in AAUC.  They are
  (a) The National Federation of Indian Am. Associations, which is by far the largest Indian American civic organization. Click here to visit NFIA.
  (b) Educators' Society for the Heritage of India.   Click here to visit ESHI.
  (c) Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association.  It has 16 chapters. Click here to visit  APAPA, & 
   (d) 80-20 Educational Foundation. EF has a $2 million + reserve. It has a sister organization in 80-20 PAC, which is by far the largest AsAm PAC with proven political effectiveness. Click here to visit 80-20 EF.
    80-20 knows politics.  We know that effective politics depends on not only leadership but also the number of people involved.  The larger the number of people in AAUC, the more the leadership talent, the more the money, the more the votes, and finally the larger the GROUP political clout -- to protect ourselves.

YOU can help make AAUC bigger to help yourself
      If YOU belong to national organizations like Asian Am. Journalist Association (AAJA), National Asian Pacific American Bar Assoc (NAPABA), OCA, JACL, AAJC or similar national organizations in the Korean-, Vietnamese-, or Filipino- American communities, please talk to their respective leaders. Tell them that AAUC is eager to join them. To see a copy of AAUC's Bylaws, click here.
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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.
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Monday, November 14, 2016

More Than Ever Before, You May Need 80-20

Empower Yourselves Now, Before It Is too Late
                         Donald Trump and Us
     IF Donald Trump is as bad as some think he is:
xenophobic (fear of foreigners),
anti-immigrant (much less green cards issued in the next 4 years), and
protectionist (very high tariff to limit imports from China and other parts of Asia),
then we may all need 80-20 more than ever before.

     Let's see politics from Trump's perspective:  He was elected by whites, while minorities largely opposed him.  He won by a big margin in electoral votes. So to ensure his success for the next 4 years and his re-election, he doesn't need to court minorities, he only needs to consolidate his white base.  That could mean tough times for us. 
    However, Donald Trump also said, "I will be president for all Americans."  I would like to believe him.  I also think we need to buy additional insurance.  The best way to protect ourselves is self-empowerment. 
      80-20 is not just saying "buy additional insurance", we are doing it.  80-20 is actively organizing a loose coalition of all national organizations in all components of the AsAm community.  It is called Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC). 80-20 is NOT the leader, but is proud to be a leading worker in forming the coalition.   
     So please consider joining those AsAm organizations which will fight for us. If you think 80-20 is the best, then click here to join 80-20. Your $35 or $50 will go a long way to build a stronger 80-20 and most important of all - a stronger us.  
                      Many asked 80-20 this question:
Q: Why did you show that HC would have won Michigan, if 80-20 would have endorsed her fully?  Is 80-20 glorifying itself?  
A:  NO!   In America, a minority must show the ability to CHANGE the outcome of an important election, in order to get attention from both major parties.  So 80-20 seized the opportunity of the past election to show that AsAms could have flipped Michigan.  By making this latent ability well-known, we EMPOWER ourselves. 
                                          Click here to join 80-20.
S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Clinton would be the President, with 80-20's full endorsement

 The Price Hillary Paid by NOT Working with 80-20
      Sec. Clinton was not willing to spend 10 minutes visiting with 80-20's Endorsement Convention (EC) to request our support.  As a result, 80-20 endorsed her with reservation.  Why?  To punish her.
     Consequence? In 2004 when 80-20 endorsed Senator John Kerry with reservation, the winning margin shrank to +9, and the candidate lost. This time the margin shrank from + 47 to +36, and HC lost. See the table below.

Asian American's Growing Bloc Vote
In Presidential Elections Led by 80-20
(All data provided by the New York Times.)

to Dem.
1992 (no 80-20 Initiative yet)
W. Clinton 
 Bush, Sr. 
- 24 points
1996 (no 80-20 initiative yet)
W. Clinton
- 5 points

80-20 was born in 1998 It was created to counter unfair treatment of Asian Ams. by both political parties and the national media during the "Asian Gate."
2000 (endorsed by 80-20)
Bush, Jr.
  + 13 points
2004 (endorsed  with reservation)
J. Kerry
Bush, Jr.
   +  9 points
2008 (endorsed by 80-20)
   +  37 points
2012 (endorsed  by
80-20 )
   +  47 points
2016 (endorsed  with reservation)
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
   +  36 points
HC would be President had she received 80-20's full endorsement. Read the proof below.
     80-20 took a large poll in August, 2016 which many of you participated in. From that poll, we were certain we could deliver an AsAm bloc vote of 80% to 20% for HC, if she would have attended our EC and asked for our support. But she didn't want to come.  So we punished her by delaying our EC for about 2.5 months & even then only endorsed her with reservation.
        A Concrete Example of How the AsAm community could have flipped the outcome in Michigan and helped HC become the next President
    (A) The election result in MI :  
Trump: 2,275,770 (47.61%)           Clinton: 2,261,153 (47.31%)     Trump's winning margin in votes is 14,617, while the total number of votes cast in MI is 4,779,481. Hillary lost Michigan's 16 electoral votes.
    (B) What would have happened, if 80-20 had given its full endorsement
    The AsAm population in MI is 1.8%.  1.8% of the total MI vote = 0.018 x 4,779,481= 86,030 AsAm voters
      Those AsAms voters voted 65 to 29 in favor of HC.  The winning margin provided by AsAm voters was [(65 - 29)% x 86,030] = 30,971 votes. However, if they would have voted 80% to 20%, the winning margin would have been  [(80 - 20)% x 86,030) =51,618 votes.
      The difference would be (51,618 - 30,971) = 20,647 more votes for HC. This would also have given Trump 20,647 less votes.  (Think to understand this step please.).
      As a result, 
Trump:  (2,275,770  - 20,647) = 2,255,123  (47.16%)                  
Clinton: (2,261,153 20,647) = 2,281,800  (47.76%)
      That is, HC would have won MI's 16 electoral vote has 80-20 endorsed HC fully and started campaigning for her in August.   
    Similarly, the election result of Wisconsin, having 2.7% AsAms in its population and with 10 electoral votes; Pennsylvania, having 3.2% AsAms in its population and with 20 electoral votes could have been flipped by 80-20's bloc vote. Altogether, 80-20 could flip (16+10+20) = 46 electoral votes.
     Support President-elect Trump Now. Let's Hope that He'll Help us Win EQUAL Citizenship.
    The election is over.  For the good of the U.S., we wish Pres. Trump good luck. We hope that he'll appoint Supreme Court Justices who will stop the the elite colleges from discriminating against AsAm college applicants.
    4 years will pass quickly.  Indeed, in two years, both major political parties will begin preparing for the 2020 presidential election.  When 80-20 can show with mathematics how its endorsement could have changed the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.   We will have clout. 
     Finally, 80-20 would like to humbly appeal to those AsAms who supported presidential candidates in 2016, without asking them to help back.  Next time, do ask for the sake of yourself and your children!  We've not won EQUAL opportunity yet.
S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Golden Opportunity Seized by 80-20 PAC

Golden Opportunity Seized by 80-20 PAC
80-20 Is Proud To Have Seized a Golden Opportunity For You
      80-20 is keenly aware that its political effectiveness, represented by its e-newsletter of Nov. 5, entitled "How Hillary Reacted to 80-20's "endorsement with reservation"' was due entirely to the great support from all of you.

      80-20 dealt with Sec. Clinton judiciously.  She had made some promises to help AsAm achieve equal citizenship, but it was NOT enough.  As a result, we were only willing to endorse her WITH RESERVATION.  80-20 President, S. B. Woo, clearly stated that Hillary needed to do more for AsAms in  80-20's Oct. 29 press release.  
     You know what?  3 days later, Hillary responded by doing more for AsAms.
      She published an Op-Ed on NBC TV, entitled:
"Opinion: As President I will Stand With Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders"
by Hillary Clinton.
     Note that she said "I will." Additionally, near the end of the article, she made one more explicit promise -- she'll authorize the "White House Initiative on AAPI", when elected.
       80-20 has always said, "Each presidential election is a golden opportunityfor a small minority to advance its goal of EQUAL CITIZENSHIP.  Today, one day before we vote, 80-20 is very proud to announce that it has achieved that goal. 
                    Many Are Aware of 80-20's Great Service in 2016
(1) From: Gail Liu 
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
      Great vision and great call!   Gail

(2) From: Achamma Chandersekaran
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
      Congratulations!  You made it happen!  Hope you can deliver the votes.  Achamma Chandersekaran
NOTE added by S. B. Woo:  80-20 has NOT promised to deliver votes in 2016. 
(3) From: iweichen
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
         I like to send in the pledged donation soon.   I-Wei

NOTE added by S. B. Woo: The above is a wonderful way to thank us.  :-) :-)
(4) From: David Fan
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
       Yes SB! Just saw this! Great news! Thanks for all the hard work and for spreading the news!   Best regards,   David

(5) From: Mike Ong
Subject: RE: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
                You play the hand well!

(6) From: Gong Chen
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
         Congratulations to your achievement!  Thank you very much for what you have done to promote the voice of Asian Americans! Thank you.  Gong, Professor and Verne M. Willaman Chair in Life Sciences

(7) From: Stella Yu
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
    Bravo! SB! Thank you so much for your wisdom and dedication.   Stella Yu

(8) From: ERIC LIU
Subject: Re: Enjoyed all your speeches on Ted Talk
    Thank you, SB. I'm grateful for all you've done for our country and for Asian Americans. The more we can build Asian American power, the better.   Eric
(9) From: Alison Yang
Subject: Re: Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION
      Thank you for your leadership and persistence on our behalf all these years! Appreciate your efforts especially during this campaign season!  Take care!   With gratitude, Alison and Walter Yang, Naples, Florida

                             Be sure to VOTE tomorrow.  Thank you.
 S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION

How 80-20 Empowers Asian Americans
Our Reward & Punish strategy is working in the 2016 Presidential Election
     On Oct. 29 (Sat), 80-20 endorsed Sec. Clinton with reservation. 80-20's press release quoted its President, S. B. Woo, saying, "We don't like that Sec.Clinton doesn't think we are important enough to her campaign for her to talk to us. She needs to reevaluate her priorities. We will not accept benign neglect."
      On Nov. 1, 3 days latershe published an Op-Ed on NBC TV:
by Hillary Clinton.  
     Note that she said "I will."  Near the end of the above Op-Ed, she made one more explicit promise -- she'll authorize the "White House Initiative on AAPI", when elected president.
      SURPRISED how she has reacted to 80-20's "endorsement with reservation"?Do you still have any doubt that     
      80-20's judicious usage of "reward & punish" in politics empowers AsAms!
       Her positive response to 80-20's "endorsement with reservation" is her STRENGTH, not weakness.  That is what is required of a political leader in a democracy.  The Board is more confident now that we can have a successful working relationship with Sec. Clinton, if she is elected our president. 
                       Q&A for Doubters of 80-20's Effectiveness
Q1:  Could it just be a coincidence?
A: It could, if the above were the only example. Let me give you 2 more similar examples involving 80-20 and presidential candidates.
(1)  On May 7, 2016, just before the CA Democratic primary, 80-20 publicly announced that it would endorse Sen. Sanders, unless Hillary would replysatisfactorily to 80-20's questionnaire.  2 days later, she replied. (Click here & here)
(2) During the 2008 CA Democratic primary, Hillary had answered 80-20's questionnaire with 6 yeses.  Obama had not.  So we endorsed Hillary and bought ethnic media ads in CA to help Hillary win the primary.  Additionally, 80-20 PAC sent out many e-newsletters, including 2 entitled "Call to Action - Defeat Obama".  5 days before the CA primary, Obama answered 80-20's questionnaire with 6 yeses (click hereand here)!  
Pres. Obama's 6 yeses to 80-20 led to the appointment of 3 cabinet secretaries, 1 deputy secretary, many other sub-cabinet officials; the tripling of AsAm federal judges including 4 Appeals Court judges, and a 80% or more increase in the number AsAm SES (Senior Executive Service) appointees.
     Could all 3 cases be coincidental? Could it be that 80-20 has a unique understanding of politics in the U.S.?
Q2: I now believe they are NOT coincidental. But these occurrences are so contradictory to my intuition of how politicians would react to 80-20. Will you help me understand the political logic in the U.S. please?
A:  Here is the key: do not apply the political logic of Asia to the U.S.!   The power of politicians in some Asian countries doesn't depend on elections.  So they don't hesitate to use their power to punish citizens who oppose or displease them.  
     In the U.S., if a Congressman gets elected for the first time and carries grudges against those who opposed him but who could be persuaded to help him, then in his re-election campaign, he'll not only still have his usual oppositions but also dedicated enemies whom he had punished earlier. If he punishes more people, he will simple have even more dedicated enemies in future elections.  Result?  He has placed himself in a bad situation, which a smart politician could have avoided.
      So the political logic in the U.S. is always to try to make friends with people who have opposed him in the past, but who may be persuadable to change sides.
Q3: Will the "White House Initiative on AAPI" do a lot of good for AsAms?
A: It all depends on who will be appointed to lead the Initiative, and how large its budget will be.  When Chris Lu, the current Labor Dep. Secretary, was co-chairing it briefly, it was an good instrument to help AAPI's win equal opportunity.
      Join 80-20 PAC which has unique understanding of the U.S. politicsTO JOIN, click here.

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.
To know more about 80-20, view these videos : (Ignore the CA Dem. primary part. Hillary won.) (Ignore the appeal for funds. SELF has succeeded.)
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