Tuesday, September 05, 2006

YOUR ad in Washington Post on Wednesday

The final version of your ad will be in Washington Post on 9/06/06 (Wed). It is the clarion call for us to stand up and win our equal opportunity in workplaces.

Please do your part in this historic struggle. Please
  1. Go buy a copy of Washington Post, one of the nation's most prestigious newspapers and find the full page, color ad in the back page of the Business Section!
  2. Show it to you family members first. Afterwards, show it to people whom you think you can reach and ask them to work with us to assert America's Core Value: Equal Opportunity. Show it to your boss!
  3. Volunteer your time and money (tax deductible) to 80-20 Educational Foundation. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with giving to others.
The ad below is just the beginning. See areas listed under the ad to see if you can help.

The ad above is just a door-opener to win equal opportunity for us. Do you have a special connection to open one of the following doors?

  1. editorial boards of major mainstream media,
  2. TV news programs such as 60 Minutes of CBS, 20/20 of ABC & Dateline NBC in our attempt to induce them to publicize our plight,
  3. major foundations in our application for big grants to make a long and sustained effort to win equal opportunity for Asian Americans,
  4. Senate and House Committees to induce public hearings*,
  5. Nat'l Republican Party (RNC) and DNC to induce action PRIOR to the 2006 election*,
  6. Large law firms to take our case to the courts for the enforcement of Executive Order 11246, which will be very costly in time and money and will be our last resort.
Get involved. Most of our institutions think AsAms are smart, but gutless and lacking a public conscience. Prove them wrong! What is more important is to prove to yourself that you have the character and guts to do the right things. It is YOUR ad, YOUR rights and YOUR fight.

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation

For a list of individuals and organizations each giving $1,000 or more, please see the lower right corner of the ad. They are part of our history. Others gave less. However we are equally proud of them. Doing YOUR share is what counts:

Erica Liu, Astrid Szeto, Joseph H. Tsao, Larry Shen (his donation will be matched by his employer Amylin Pharmaceuticals, San Diego), Lawrence Tom, Victor C. Li, Chungsoo Lee, Kong-Pei Chen, Amy Fujimura, Helena & Roger Hou, Wei Huang, Sally Huang-Nissen, Wing Lam, Ramon Lim, Chi-Man Lo, Paul & Amy Sung, William H. Wong, Diyang Wu, Jasper Wu, Edward Lau, Ben Bimin Chen, Shelby Chien, Tjendrawani Ong-Dahl, Tim Wong & Irene Tsang, Lily Yap, Allen Y.K. Wong, Hok To Yeung, Daming Zhu, Thomas Lee, Wing Ho, Lin Ji, Yakko Chang, Larry Zhang, Linda & Chris Choi, James Lee, Laini Tsang, Grace Wu, Daniel Cheung