Monday, September 11, 2006

Readers' Reaction to the Washington Post Ad

Praise for the Washington Post Ad poured in, as did contributions for 80-20 EF and membership for 80-20 PAC.
Many of the comments expressed heart-felt emotion and profound determination to win equal opportunity for the AsAm community. To save space, we apologize to those who commented for quoting only one or two phrases. Whenever there is a new thought, we quote in full so our readers can enjoy them.
  1. Job well done! Wego

  2. Great Ad. Ademan Angeles

  3. Thank you very much for your efforts for our behalf regarding this ad project. Please tell me more about the Education Foundation. kenhluk@????.net

  4. Dear Friends, .... All of us came to this country on our own free will, and hope that our children will be equal partners of this great and. However, we know too well that this has not been the case. It is about time when most of us are established, or are retiring, that we put our money and actions where our hearts and children, and our grandchildren are, and will continue to be. Our children came to this country because of us, they did not have a choice. This makes it our responsibility to make this land a land of equal opportunities, not a land of discrimination, to the best of our abilities, for their sake. 80-20 has many programs which will achieve this purpose, this ad is only one of them, and they require your participation. (Emphasis added)

    .... Asians, can speak their mind and bring their grief to the public eye, by purchasing advertisement in the most influential paper in the nation.

    May all benefit,

    Kelvin (The writer is a Life Member of 80-20 PAC, and a sponsor of the ad)

  5. I am so proud of what you have done. You are the hero of our Asian American group. Please accept our highest salute. drquinnli@????.com

  6. It's great Ad. Thank you for the email. We have posted it on
    for our web community. Jim
  7. You have indeed done a great service to Asian American community by placing this ad. Rajen Anand, President, NFIA, National Federation of Indian American Associations.

  8. congratulations! Don Mo

  9. This writer, K. L. Wang, was S. B. Woo's political mentor. He is one of the Founders of OCA, and one of the earliest members of C-100. BTW, many C-100 members were sponsors of the Ad. We are quoting K.L. in full.

    Congratulations on your full page 80-20 Initiative advertisement on today's Washington Post (September 6th, 2006). Your wonderful ad will reach the AMERICAN mainstream including the news media. Thank you and your colleagues for financing this ADVERTISENMENT.

    When I got your email on this ad, I wanted to send your 80-20 Initiative a small contribution of $100, รข€¦ Keep up the excellent work of 80-20. I will support you always. Best regards to Katy and you. KL
  10. Keep up the good work. Guri Sohi
This is a NEW generation of AsAms. They know when and how to say THANKS for our community's sake. The Washington Post ad is the raison d'etre of our movement to win equal opportunity in workplaces. If you want to see the ad again, go to: Help spread it!

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