Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien High School Internship

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Know of any Asian American high school students wishing to serve their community & preparing resumesfor their application to enter good universities? Forwardthis email to them please. ########

Student volunteerism is not only a practice of good citizenship, but also a highly sought after quality by college ADMISSION offices, especially the first-tier universities.

80-20 has a Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien* Memorial High School Intern Program that will give them o the sought-after credential, if they have earned it, It may also fulfill their community service graduation requirement.

  1. the sought-after credential, if they have earned it, It may also fulfill their community service graduation requirement.

  2. the pride of identity with their own community having volunteered for a nationally known Asian Am. organization, &

  3. a taste of the real world in organizing the Asian Am. community, which is not easy. There will be joy and frustration.

  4. various real world strengths, such as persuasion & persistence. Such skills will be severely tested and will be nurtured by 80-20.
The following program was proposed by Sherry Zhang, 2003 Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien Intern who was a high school sophomore then, and now a Princeton University student.

Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien* Memorial High School Intern Program

A student will first visit a special section of 80-20 website to learn about 80-20.

Then he/she will propose the number of members each will recruit by the end of June or December. Any student who has recruited at least 5 members will be certified as a Chang-Lin Tien intern. Those who have recruited less then 5 but more than 2 will still be recognized for their time and effort. We assume that a student will have to spend 8 hours learning about 80-20 before he/she can be an effective recruiter. A student who's recruited 20 members by the end of that time will receive a bronze certificate, 30 members a silver certificate, and 40 members a gold certificate.

The top 3 Gold-level Recruiters, will get on an hour long phone conversation with the president of 80-20 for the purpose of formulating a reference letter, if the intern so desires. The student is not paid, but the experience is priceless, and the letter of recommendation is effective, according to earlier college interns.

To apply, please email a 150 word statement describing what 80-20 is all about and why someone should join to Jing-Li Yu, 80-20 Director of projects,

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Who was Chang-Lin Tien and Why was he Honored repeatedly?

Chang-Lin Tien was the first Asian Am. to head a major university. He was the Chancellor of U.of CA, Berkeley from 1990 -97. Although he had achieved highly, he was willing to take risks to stand up for Asian Ams and other minorities. He didn't care about protecting his own eathers. He cared about doing the right things. Such persons are rare in our community. That 's why 80-20 honors him again and again. We hope Asian Am. youth will emulate him.

Chang-Lin Tien (1935-2003) was one of the six founders of 80-20. Chancellor Tien spent his life fighting for justice and equal opportunity. When he first came to America, he walked at least an hour a day to avoid riding the bus, as a way of protesting the segregation of blacks.

When Chang-Lin Tien was Chancellor, Berkeley faced an 18% cut in its budget and the loss of 27% of its faculty through early retirement. Declaring, "It is not a matter of whether we can survive; it's a matter of being excellent or, mediocre," Chancellor Tien personally recruited young faculty members, retained prominent faculty, appealed to the public to lobby for Berkeley, and presided over record private fund-raising. Owing to his efforts, Berkeley remained a stellar university, with 97% of its graduate programs ranked in the top 10.

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