Thursday, August 24, 2006

YOUR full-page ad in Washington Post

Seen below is YOUR full-page color ad to appear in Washington Post at the back of its Business section! It is a well-designed package making the best case presentation on behalf of YOU and your children. At the least, it will become the raison d'etre of a long struggle to eliminate the glass ceiling above us. At the best, it'll become the shock wave shattering the glass ceiling HERE AND NOW. Please read the ad now.

Your ad costs $33,000 to $45,000 depending on how soon we want it published. 80-20 Educational Foundation has already raised the basic money for you. Will you donate to help publish it sooner?,

Once your ad is published, it will be read into the Congressional Record by a member of the Congress. History beckons!

Your ad will also be THE TOOL TO OPEN THE DOORS OF

1. editorial boards of major mainstream media,

2. news programs such as 60 Minutes of CBS, 20/20 of ABC & Dateline NBC in our attempt to induce them to publicize our plight,

3. major foundations in our application for big grants to make a long and sustained effort to win equal opportunity for Asian Americans,

4. Senate and House Committees to induce public hearings*,

5. National Republican Party (RNC) and DNC to induce action PRIOR to the 2006 election*,

6. Large law firms to take our case to the courts for the enforcement of Executive Order 11246, which will be very costly in time and money and will be our last resort.

If you know of organizations that may want to be sponsors of this historic ad, ask them to get in touch with S. B. Woo directly via 30 plus public-minded, generous Asian Ams. andAsAm. orgs. are already sponsors, each paying $1,000. Their names will be displayed in the box seen in the lower right hand side of the ad.

The clarion has sounded. History beckons. Let's together fulfill our historic generational responsibility.

Best regards,

President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

* The Educational Foundation will not engage in activities described initems 4 and 5. However, OTHER organizations, including the 80-20 PAC, could use our ad for those purposes.

PS Some have argued for using stronger language in the ad. For example, using a word like "discrimination;" talk about urging thegovernment to enforce Executive Order 11246 for Asian Ams. If suchsentiments were expressed, Washington Post would charge us "advocacy rate" for the ad which will be 3 times more expensive. In addition, our focus group discussions showed that Caucasians, especially males, react very negatively to such a presentation. We deem the current approach to be the best for now.