Friday, September 22, 2006

History: YOUR Ad in Congressional Record

US Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware saw YOUR ad in Washington Post and was so moved by it that he took the Senate floor yesterday to speak on the issue and read YOUR ad into the Congressional Record. It is now a part of US history. He said:

" The data indicates that Asian-Americans have half the chance of Whites of rising to management-level positions.

If this is right, then this is wrong. ...

The fight for equal opportunity is a fight we must not allow to lag.

I hope my colleagues will consider the important information that is presented here today and maybe take the opportunity to look at it.

I ask unanimous consent to have the Washington Post item printed in the RECORD."

History may look back at YOUR ad and acknowledge it as the key document that ignited Asian Americans' struggle to win equal opportunity; and at this moment when Asian Americans begin to fight for our rights. To see the Congressional Record and your ad, see *** at the end of this email.

It is not just lowest odds of getting into management in the 3 areas of private industries, universities and the Federal government. It is also the lowest odds of getting into management in ALL professions. In addition, Asian Ams also have the lowest % of Federal judges per population. We have 4.5% of American population and 0.7% of the Federal judges! All AsAm federal judges are at the lowest level.

Remember all the lowest odds is a reality despite our having the highest educational attainment. If we keep our mouths shut, then it'll be 3 more generations before we'll enjoy equal opportunity.

How about it, Asian Americans? As one father said,
"Our children came to this country because of us, they did not have a choice. This makes it our responsibility to make this land a land of equal opportunities for them."
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Go to: (
on the last column of that page, about 1/4 the way down that column, under "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ASIAN AMERICANS," to see the beginning of Sen. Carper's comments. You can read the rest of his comments by clicking on "Next Page" on the bottom right corner.

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