Friday, October 26, 2012

Will You Squeak the Wheel?

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,

Silence is NOT golden in American politics
In life as in anything else, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Democracy is a tool and not an end to itself. Equal rights and opportunities are earned through activism, and seldom bestowed upon you due to someone else's enlightenment. For an ethnic minority like AsAms, casting a unified bloc vote is the only way we can collectively flex our political muscle for impact.

Negotiation is give and take
In the national as well as local elections, we negotiate candidate's commitment to AsAms in exchange for our votes. National campaigns aside, our energized chapters also address local issues. For example, NAAPAC-Michigan Chapter sent a questionnaire to 26 candidates for the board of regents/trustees/governors of U. of Michigan, Michigan State U., and Wayne State U. requesting Yes/No answers on AsAm representation in academic leadership positions, before the 1800 AsAm faculty members will cast their ballots on Nov. 6. So far, 9 have answered with resounding Yeses. These candidates will get the AsAm votes and will be held responsible for their commitment once elected. Do you think they feel the heat?

Do we have the wisdom to learn from African Americans? 
Click this Black Folks Must Vote document to see how African Americans earned their equal rights and why they are mobilizing to vote for their collective interests. Learn from all the peoples who struggled before us, the Poles, the Italians, the Scots, the Jews, the blacks and the Hispanics, who exercised their civic rights to become equal citizens of this great nation. You have the drive and smarts to make a living and to provide for your families. Now see the bigger picture!

Will you stand in unity for our collective interest? 
Will you show up at the voting booths on Nov 6 and help cast a decisive bloc vote for Obama?

Have you done your part in our "$5.82 donation" campaign? Isn't your future worth $5.82?

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80-20 Collective Leadership:
Ved Chaudhary, Ph.D., Coordinator, Collective Leadership of NAAPAC
Chenming Hu, Chair of the Election Monitoring Comm.
Alice S. Huang, Chair of the Awards Committee
Haibo Huang, Ph.D, VP of Communication Technology
Yueh-ting Lee, VP on chapter Development
Yin-Long Qiu, PhD, Advisor to Exec Comm., Chair of Comm. on Outreach to Students
Kathleen To, Treasurer
Jing-Li Yu, JD, Chair of the Nomination Comm.