Friday, November 02, 2012

Help Obama Win for Our Own Sake!

If you have friends and relatives in OH, VA & FL, forward this e-newsletter to them.

He who wins OH, wins the presidency. But having VA and FL will help ensure it.

An UNDERSTANDING achieved yesterday with the Obama 
campaign, prompted leaders of 80-20 PAC to each donate another $1,000 to Obama. In  addition, we, including S. B. Woo who has retired to PAC's second line, will be working to our bones to help Obama win.

Why? For 2 reasons:
(1) So that our community will get to enjoy the FRUITS of this UNDERSTANDING, and
(2) All new immigrants to America need to use the political process to become equals. The Irish, Polish, Italians and Jewish Americans did that. We are no different.

80-20 endorsed Pres. Obama earlier. Now, we are going all out to help him win.

FORWARD this e-newsletter to your friends in OH, VA & FL. You need to proudly do your share in helping your children become equals.

Respectfully yours,
Leadership of 80-20 PAC
(Ved Chaudhary, Alice S. Huang, Chenming Hu, Haibo Huang, Yueh-ting
               Lee, Yin-Long Qui, Kathleen To and S. B. Woo)