Friday, October 05, 2012

How can a mere $5.82 make a HUGE difference in your future??

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,
NEVER in our history have SO MUCH depended on SO LITTLE.

Show the unity and power of the AsAm bloc vote by donating $5.82.

If you care about yourselves, your family and the wellbeing of our nation—as I believe you must—then I beg you to take two minutes to read to the end of this letter.

Where does a cart go when pulled by two horses in opposite directions? You get the point. As a minority group, we had long been deemed irrelevant and inconsequential—until the 2008 Presidential election when AsAms UNITED to deliver a decisive bloc vote for Obama—in return for his written promises to rectify long-neglected civil rights grievances that AsAms suffered.

What LANDMARK progress has NAAPAC (80-20 Initiative) won for you through Obama?

  1. For the first time since 1964, the US Dept. of Labor finally in 2009 began enforcing The Equal Rights Act (EO11246, signed by President Johnson), on behalf of 17.5 million AsAms. This is the law that helped propel millions of Blacks, Hispanics and women into the upper ranks of management at universities, in private industry and in federal government. An egregious 45 years of workplace inequality was FINALLY ending.
  2. More than doubling of the number of AsAm federal judges from 6 to 17; major increases in the number of AsAm presidents and provosts at American universities; in numerous top administration positions; and the creation of Senior Executive Service (SES) Development Program for AsAms under the leadership of Chris Lu, Obama's cabinet secretary
Why we CANNOT afford to lose traction or momentum due to split voting

With iron-willed-unity, Jewish Americans gained incredible political power to reward as well as punish politicians who dare to act at odds with the Jewish community's common interests. For each and every presidential election cycle, 80-20 NAAPAC reached out to both the Republican and Democratic candidates. The Republicans have again deliberately ignored us, leaving us with NO choice but to REWARD the candidate who has delivered on the promises and PUNISH the one arrogant enough to believe they can kick us aside without consequence

A united bloc vote for Obama is the ONLY way for us to protect and ensure continued progress in the next four years. Bloc voting is the ONLY way AsAm will continue to gain progress and political clout so our grievances can continue to be addressed as we gain our full rights as equal citizens.

THE golden hour is near. Seize the chance to ACT NOW. . .OR risk irreparable setback and loss.

A donation in the unique amount of $5.82 (not $5, not $20, not $50 which is not noticeable), once or every week till election day by you and your family members and friends, sends a special message to the Obama administration that AsAm are united and gearing up for a repeat bloc vote. Don't look to others to do this for you—that's the kind of apathetic attitude that got us deep in the political hole in the past. NEVER AGAIN! If we want to be taken seriously, we have to take serious action. NOW.


When all AsAms can become all that they are capable of being and contribute fully to building a better and stronger America, everyone benefits. Our nation will be transfused with a full measure of the industrious perseverance, technological ingenuity, and job creating entrepreneurship that AsAm are famous for.


It is the NECESSARY thing to do, the right thing to do. And it is the PATRIOTIC thing to do.

This is the clarion call to all AsAm to join our Civil rights Movement. For all of us, there is no greater imperative. There is no greater calling to service beyond self. Thank you.


Dr. Edward Lin
National Asian American PAC (NAAPAC)

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