Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Infallible Romney?

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,
The tight race is golden opportunity to exert our influence.

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Romney claimed, as President, he will never apologize for America

Anyone makes mistakes, having the courage to right wrongs is a virtue, not a weakness.

Consider this:

1) The Congress has apologized for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1896, and the Japanese Internment Program of the World War II, which were egregious wrongs that one should learn from and never to repeat.

2) Article 1 of the Florida Constitution still features an "Alien Land Law" that prohibits AsAms from owning land in Florida. This 1926 law targeted Asian immigrants to prevent them from buying farm land, and using their agricultural skills and labor to compete with American farmers. Can you believe it is now 2012? Florida had earned a dubious distinction to being the only State in the US where this racist law is still enshrined in the current Constitution (despite not being enforced). The new 80-20 NAAPAC-Florida Chapter is committed to purging this ignominious law from Florida's books.

History will repeat itself if we do not learn the lessons.

Stereotyped as "perpetual foreigners", any international incident has the potential to ratchet up xenophobic sentiment that hurts all AsAms. When this happens, politicians will once again compete to be the toughest to "protect American interest and values". Do we want a President who is humble enough to learn from history or do you want one who is "infallible"?

Watch this video of George Takei, a survivor of the Japanese Internment Camp, as to why this election is so important:

"I know how far we've come. I've lived it.

When I was 5 years old, my family was forced from our home and into a "relocation center" -- where we lived for four years behind barbed-wire fences during World War II. We were American citizens, imprisoned for no other reason than what we looked like.

Through shared sacrifice, we've made remarkable achievements in the last 70 years -- advances that we should all be proud of. That's why this came as a real shock to me: Less than half of us are even registered to vote. I know we can do better."

Vote! It is your patriotic duty!

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