Thursday, October 11, 2012

What’s going on in Florida?

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,
The tight race is a golden opportunity to showcase AsAm political power by decisively tipping the election outcome with an AsAm bloc vote.

Remember G.W. Bush become President by a margin of 572 votes in Florida! Will you do your part in our "$5.82 donation" campaign for a bloc vote? Need thousands more donation hits to demonstrate we are serious about getting our voices heard!

Romney cannot win without Florida

Romney's campaign rebuffed our repeated attempts to reach out to him.

DON'T reward Romney's arrogance with your votes!

80-20 has ramped up efforts to defeat him in the critical Battle Ground States (Florida, Ohio and Michigan). Here is how we're doing it in Florida:

80-20 Florida chapter established!

We welcome and congratulate the leaders in Florida for organizing the 80-20 NAAPAC-FL Chapter. The chapter was formed in September and immediately kicked into action to influence the election by:

  • Organizing volunteers for canvases and phone banks for the Obama Campaign 
  • Giving presentations to various AsAm groups through TV, radio, social media, and group discussions
  • Encouraging 80-20 NAAPAC volunteers to support local elections / candidates 
  • Participating in the 8th Annual Experience Asia Festival in Tallahassee
We urge all AsAms in Florida to become members of the Florida Chapter.
Freedom is not Free. Please take action Today…

See why it's a momentous undertaking and Join the Florida Chapter

Huge AsAm event launched in Tallahassee!

80-20 NAAPAC-FL members were among the key organizers of the 8th Annual Experience Asia Festival in Tallahassee, a huge event held on Oct. 6 with over 15,000 attendees. Members from Jacksonville and Miami came to Tallahassee to introduce 80-20 to the general public in the capital city of Florida and received warm and positive responses. They provided information about 80-20, its goals and objectives, and its current position and the bloc vote strategy regarding the upcoming election. Thousands of flyers were given to the AsAm audience encouraging them to vote and vote in bloc!

Their next big events are:
  • The Early VOTE Picnic "GOTV Picnic" organized by UDiON Foundation and ICNEF on November 3rd in Jacksonville, FL and 
  • The annual "IRCC Diwali Festival of Lights Festival" in Fort Lauderdale on November 10th. 

Media blitz initiated!

More Life Members Joined!

We are greatly honored to have 3 new 80-20 life members:
Albert Chen & Su Xu of Florida, Miranda Cheung of California

We also thank these generous donors:
James Cheung of California, $5000
Emmy Ng of California, $5000
Miranda Cheung of California, $5000
Jiang Jiang of Michigan, $405

Is your future worth $5.82?

People in the battleground states are working hard to shape a better future for AsAms.

Have you done your part in our "$5.82 donation" campaign?

Feel the momentum? It is because of YOU!

Join 80-20 Today

Or send your check to: 80-20 PAC, 13337 South St. #189, Cerritos, CA 90703
Family membership is $50 (two), individual $35, student $15.

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80-20 Collective Leadership:
Ved Chaudhary, Ph.D., Coordinator, Collective Leadership of NAAPAC
Chenming Hu, Chair of the Election Monitoring Comm.
Alice S. Huang, Chair of the Awards Committee
Haibo Huang, Ph.D, VP of Communication Technology
Yueh-ting Lee, VP on chapter Development
Yin-Long Qiu, PhD, Advisor to Exec Comm., Chair of Comm. on Outreach to Students
Kathleen To, Treasurer
Jing-Li Yu, JD, Chair of the Nomination Comm.