Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Register to Vote, Deadlines Imminent!

Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,
Voter registration deadline is FAST approaching
Some critical battle ground states have early deadlines: Oct 9th for Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Oct 15th for Virginia. Check your voter registration deadline here.

Register TODAY then vote in November

If you are US citizens NOT yet registered to vote, here is the EASIEST way to register:
A Step-by-step guide is attached to the end.

Your vote doesn't matter? Think Florida 2000, where President Bush was elected by a mere 537 "hanging chad" votes. At that time, Florida had 300,000 AsAms. A 0.1% swing in the AsAm votes could have elected a different president. Would there still be the 1 trillion $$$ Iraq war with 4487 US soldiers killed and 32,223 seriously wounded?

You can help shaping an AsAm bloc vote by participating in our "$5.82 donation" campaign, which is designed to challenge the characteristic apathy among AsAms that earned us the well-deserved treatment of being ignored.

Historically, polls indicate the vote/donation ratio is ~20:1 among the general population. When few AsAms donate, the politicians from BOTH parties will conclude it is safe to ignore AsAms once again.  Will you allow this to happen? Is your future worth $5.82?

"YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world"
— Mahatma Gandhi

Join 80-20 Today

Or send your check to: 80-20 PAC, 13337 South St. #189, Cerritos, CA 90703
Family membership is $50 (two), individual $35, student $15.

80-20 Collective Leadership

Step-by-Step Voter Registration Guide
Are you registered to vote? Two types of citizens need to register: (1) those who've never registered, and (2) having registered but have moved to a new address. Please fulfill your obligation as a citizen and an Asian American.

Here is the EASIEST way to register to vote!

On page 1, go to the map and click on your state. That leads you to page 2.

On page 2, fill out the form: check each square box on top and fill in required info next to blanks with a red *. Then click on the "Preview My Voter Registration" to go to page 3.

On page 3, you proofread the informat 743 ion, then click "Get My Application" or download at the bottom of the page.

Upon receiving your application, your state will mail you a voter registration card. YOU NEED TO FILL THAT OUT AND MAIL IT IN. Only then are you truly registered. Note that registering to vote is ALWAYS A TWO-STEP PROCESS, whether you register via a website or travel to a registration place.

When the "Voter Registration Card" comes, you may want to choose to vote Absentee. That is you can VOTE BY MAIL instead of going to a polling place. Most states allow "vote by mail." About 20 days before Nov. 2, you will receive a ballot on which you may check whom to vote. Put the ballot in an envelope, sign on the back side of the envelope, mail it and you will have voted. You will have fulfilled your sacred duty to YOUR CHILDREN, and as an EDUCATED person and a citizen.

SAVE this e-mail & forward it to your relatives & friends. Thank you.