Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4th & a Rising Asia

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

First, on July 4th, help celebrate the founding of a great nation, our
nation, the United States of America -- display a flag at your home and in
your stores.

For all the first generation immigrants, who voluntarily changed our
citizenship we knew from that moment on that we owed our primary
allegiance to the USA
. However, the change of citizenship doesn't require
us to lose our affection for the people of our respective old countries --
people of Asia. No one can expect human beings to sever their affection
for and identity with their ethnic brothers and sisters at the result of a
"naturalization ceremony." Human beings are not automatons. Those who
act like automatons are not trustworthy -- at the drop of another "ceremony"
the allegiance can switched again.

Secondly, whether you are the first or nth generation immigrants, stand
up and fight for your rights as a full-fledged citizen
. There is irrefutable
evidence that Asian Americans are not accorded equal opportunity yet.
Our youngsters are required to meet higher bars to enter first rate
universities owing to affirmative action -- too many Asian Am. students in
such universities. Our adults meet higher bars to become managers and
administrators INSPITE OF the existence of affirmative action.

That we get the short ends for both adults and children is outrageous.
Do your part to FIGHT and win equal opportunity for yourself, your
offspring, and at the same time help America achieve its stated core value
-- equal opportunity for all.

Thirdly, the center of economic gravity is shifting steadily toward Asia.
America will fare better in Asia, if and when Asians know that Asian
Americans are equal citizens in the USA. Asian nations are NOT likely to
trust the USA when they see that Asians, even as US citizens, are not
treated equally. We, Asian Ams, by fight to become equal citizens ASAP,
will help America to achieve a strategic goal that no amount of diplomatic
and militarily menuevering by the State Department can accomplish.

We are indeed America's best human assets to reach Asia in the era of
"A Rising Asia".
Gary Locke, America's Amabassador to China, is only the
first prominent example. Mark my word that many more will follow.
Think and act to help Gary to succeed as our ambassador.

If you have money, please give generously to our cause. It you don't
have money, please give your time. TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

To join 80-20 by using a credit card, click on or send your check to
80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 &n 397 bsp; Osprey, FL 34229.


A volunteer


of East Bay, California will hold "Gala 2011: Celebrating
Milestones and Beyond".
CAPA is a superb organization serving its community
80-20 is privileged to have CAPA as one of its affiliates. S. B. Woo will
at the event to help CAPA celebrate. Hope to see your there.
Time: 6 p.m., Saturday, August 20, 2011
Place: Roundhill Country Club, Alalmo, CA.
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