Thursday, June 09, 2011

Call To Action - focus on CA, NY, HI & VA

Congresswoman Judy Chu together with others have intro-
duced a bipartisan House Resolution 282 for the House to
express regret over past decades of anti-Chinese legislations,
including the Chinese Exclusion Act. The parallel Senate
Resolution 201 seems in good shape. H.R. 282 may need a few
more sponsors. If you live in areas densely populated by
AsAm voters, you can help greatly & be a part of history.

If you live in CA, HI, NY, or VA and live in one of the following
Congressional Districts, congratulations! You can be a part of history --
you are almost guaranteed to get your Representative to co-sponsor H.R.
282. All you have to do is to get together, say, 20 friends in your District
and politely request your Congressperson's cosponsorship. There are so many
Asian Am. voters in those districts, that no Representative in his/her right
mind would refuse.
Otherwise, the next election may be difficult for
him/her when displeased voters will cast their votes.

This is how democracy works. Your Congressperson is obligated to work
for you, when it is obviously the right thing to support and no
allocation of additional resources is required from the Congress.

A sample letter is ready for you at
Please do the easy 4 steps, stated in 80-20's "Call To Action" of 3 days ago.
After having sent your request, wait for 3 to 4 days and then call your
Rept's D.C. office to ask to speak to your Rept. or his/her chief of staff.
Without that crucial follow-up, your email is UNLIKELY to bear fruit. It
takes at least another phone call.

Thank you. Have fun & enjoy the fruits of your endeavor. This may
be the kind of success that you will be proud to tell you grandchildren. :) :)

Top 20 Congressional Districts with the Highest
Asian Am Population of Voting Age

District... Population... Rept. ...Official Email site

1 HI-1 239,035 Colleen Hanabusa
2 CA-12 134,641 Jack Speier§iongtree=1631c9659
3 HI-2 133,819 Mazie Hirono
4 CA-8 115,643 Nancy Peloci
5 CA-13 112,056 Peter Stark
6 CA-15 106,953 Mike Honda
7 CA-16 98,543 Zoe Lofgren
8 CA-29 95,719 Adam Schiff
9 NY-5 85,888 Gary Ackeman
10 CA-32 80,538 Judy Chu (She's the principal sponsor of HR 282. No need to email her.)
11 CA-42 77,312 Gary Miller
12 CA-40 71,759 Ed Royce
13 CA-26 70,797 David Dreler
14 CA-46 70,301 Dana Rohrabacher
15 CA-9 66,916 Barbara Lee§iontree=18128
16 CA-48 66,571 John Campbell
17 CA-7 62,237 George Miller
18 NY-9 58,950 Anthony D. Weiner
19 CA-11 58,165 Jerry McNermey
20 VA-11 55,759 Gerald Connoll

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer, 80-20 PAC, Inc.,