Monday, July 11, 2011

Know Anyone Looking For A Job?

80-20 is looking for a "Special Assistant To The President." The job pays $45
to $50K per year depending on qualifications. The person may work at home.
However, one is not permitted to take on another job. Please send the resume to
S. B. Woo via A cover letter is required stating why one is
interested in such a job.

The job may be ideal for a young, talented, energetic and idealistic person with a
Bachelor's degree and having the passion to serve our community through the political
process. PLease state your SAT scores and cum. average at graduation.

For a "Special Assistant" who has the right political aptitude and passion to serve
the Asian American community, the job has upward mobility, since our current
Operations Director, Suzanna Lin who served with devotion, has resigned
owing to healthy reasons effective July 31.

An applicant must be very good in "Excel" and has rudimentary knowledge of
website development. Good English ability is required. Politics knows no evenings
and weekends. When there is a job to be done, we, including S.B. Woo, attend to it.

Please forward this email to those who may be looking for an interesting job and
is interested in serving the Asian American community at the same time. Thank


S. B. Woo