Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chenming Calvin Hu - Father of 3-D Transistors

80-20 wants to share exciting news about 3 members:

1) Intel starts to use 3-D transistors, developed by Prof. Chenming
Calvin Hu,
an 80-20 Exec. Comm. Member, to replace 2-D ones

It is revolutionary -- faster & using less power with the potential to get
much better yet. The Finfet (fin-shaped field-effect transistor) is
developed by Chenming and his co-workers. For more info, click on

He is the Distinguished Chair Professor, Univ. of CA, Berkeley and a
member of US National Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy
of Sciences and Academia Sinica. He has served as an 80-20 Board
member & has given tens of thousands of dollars to both 80-20
PAC & Educational Foundation. He is always the first to give
of himself to serve our community.

2) Diana Ding, a Life Member, is the owner of a hot Web TV in Silicon
Valley. It's called DingDing TV. Click on

3) Roy H. Doi, a multi-year member since years ago, is the
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biology and a
member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences


THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who want to see continued existence of 80-20
PAC, 80-20 already has more members In less than 6 months than it has
achieved in the last 5 years in 12 months.

The BAD news is that for 80-20 to double its membership, it still needs
1,500 more members. Otherwise, 80-20 PAC shall be dissolved. We need 250
new member each month for 6 months.

Please consider joining and recruiting, otherwise 80-20 is not likely
to survive. TOGETHER, we can overcome. To join by using a credit
card, click on or send your
check to 80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229.

80-20's FaceBook Had a Facelift

Thanks to great work by Wenkai Hsieh, 264 Lih Chen & Jing-li Yu 80-20 now
has an attractive Facebook page. Click on the following and see what
pops up:


A volunteer

PS Dr. Munsup Seoh of Ohio became the first 80-20 Board member
whose entire family have joined 80-20 as members. We salute him.