Friday, September 10, 2010

How Tough Are We?

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. That quality
is as important in organizations as is in individuals.
America admires
toughness be it in athletes, CEOs, workers, teachers, politicians or
When two superbly qualified Asian Am jurists, recommended by the
Senate Judicial Committee, were blocked by the Senate Republicans on a
, 80-20 rose to petition Pres. Obama to RE-NOMINATE them.
We don't give up just because the powerful says NO to us. We want to
know their reasons for reject those 2 nominees.
Blocking on a technicality* is a devious act. Let the 2 nominees go to a
full senate hearing. Then the Republicans senators may state their reasons
of objection publicly on the senate floor.
The days of simply telling us no, and betting on that we'll quietly go
away is gone. Not when 80-20 is around. The following is a true story.
Sen. John Kerry of MA once said to me, "S.B., do you know why
Asian Ams are not effective in politics? It is because both Parties and the
national media know that EVEN YOUR ACTIVISTS will go away
quietly, when told NO or when having been ignored long enough."
80-20 rose 11 years ago to change that image for our children.
Thanks to you, 3171 have signed 80-20's petition to President Obama to
RENOMINATE the two "unanimously well qualified" jurists. The number is
still rising. YOU can still be a signer. Click on . We have notified the White House
of this petition expressing our yearning & will deliver the signatures.
We hope and trust that President Obama will hear us. We also hope
and trust that the Senate Republicans will hear us.
This is a good issue to help us decide which party will get our
in the coming November election. Many other Asian Am orgs. have
publicly endorsed the nomination of these two jurists before the senate
GOP has blocked them. We trust that they are equally tough and
courageous at this critical moment.
Join 80-20. There is a matching fund for NEW members. We still need
25 new members to get that $3,500 donation. Go or send a check to
80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. Thank you.


S. B. Woo
Acting President for the next 4 months only.
* "Under a rarely invoked rule, the Senate must agree to carry over
pending nominations when it goes on a 30-day recess. But Republican
leaders objected to carrying over several disputed nominations, including
Liu and Chen." -- LA Times .