Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Will the Senate confirm Goodwin Liu & Ed Chen? It may mostly depend
on how Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, a Republican, reacts to
80-20's offer to help him in his 2012 re-election campaign.

How so? Pls read on.

So few Asian Am. are federal judges owing to the benign neglect of
Asian Americans by BOTH political parties. Now the Democrats, under
Pres. Obama, are trying to remedy the shameful situation. However, the
Republican Party seems determined to continue its old ways -- keeping
us down.

The Republicans say that the 2 jurists are too liberal. Is that the real
Think! Since they didn't appoint many conservative AsAm judges when
they had the chance, could it be that they just didn't want many Asian Am
federal judges?

On November 2, the election day, 3 million Asian Am. voters will
reward those who vote to confirm and punish those who thwart us by
blocking the nominations. It is the day of reckoning!

A Summary of the Relevant Past Events:

1. President Obama nominated 7 Asian Am. federal judges since he took
office 2 years ago, almost doubling the original number of 8 Asian
Am. federal judges
2. In Augest, the Senate Republicans used a rarely applied Senate rule to
"kill" the nominations of Goodwin Liu and Ed Chen,
3. Two days later, 80-20 set up a petition site gathering 3300+ signers
asking Pres. Obama to RE-nominate the 2 jurists.
4. Pres. Obama heard our voice and RE-nominated.
5. A few days ago, the Senate Judiciary Committee once again approved
the nominations of Liu & Chen aiming to move the nominations to a
full Senate debate.

The Upcoming Battles

The Senate Republicans will likely block the two nominations from
getting a full-senate debate. This means that 60 votes will be required to
break the block, before the nominations can be confirmed requiring only
51 votes. Since Democrats can only deliver 59 votes, our community must
find ONE Republican Senator to cast the 60th vote to break the block --
80-20 has focused on Sen. S. Brown of MA.

If the Republicans choose to block, they are blatantly ignoring the
expressed will of Asian Ams which include the following:

i) 3300+ signed on 80-20's petition to Pres. Obama,
ii) numerous Asian Ams sent automatically generated letters to
Senate leadership - Sen. Reid (D) & Sen. McConnell (R) - to move the
nominations for a full senate debate without a block. The site was
set up by NAPABA, AAJC and OCA.
iii) Supporters of 80-20 poured an estimated 100 to 150 faxes into
Sen. Scott Brown' D.C. office, urging him to cast the 60th
vote to break the block, should it occur. They are mostly
MA voters writing their own letters, signing and giving their
home addresses.

Sen. Brown, a Republican, faces a very tough re-election bid in 2012 in
MA which is just about the most Democratic state. Since 19 years ago, no
Republican Congressional delegate has EVER won re-election. Brown will
need every vote he can get to be re-elected. So if he helps us, we'll
help him. 80-20 shall lead an Asian Am. bloc vote in Brown's favor in
2012, if he casts the 60th vote to break the block.

80-20 will get a $3,500 matching fund, when 21 more NEW members join.
Go http://www.80-20initiative.net , or send a check to
80-20 PAC P.O. Box 603 Osprey, FL 34229. Thank you.


S. B. Woo (a volunteer)

80-20 gratefully acknowledges the donations from
Bernie Lee, Sun Lakes, AZ $1,000
Cecilia Yu, Rolling Hill, CA $1,000