Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Be Political KING-MAKERS of California

YOU could be the political KING-MAKERS of California, if
you do a little work in the next 7 days.

Sounds impossible? Has 80-20 delivered results that you thought were
impossible initially? Here is how it could work.

Wherever you are,
Forward this email to your CA friends.

80-20 has endorsed TOM CAMPBELL in the CA Republican senatorial
primary. It has endorse TED LIEU for the Democratic Attorney General
primary. If either one or both win the primary, YOU shall be the
political KING-MAKERS in California.

Why? It is because neither Campbell nor Lieu is the leading candidate
in their respective primaries, according to polls. Hence, if one or both win
on June 8th, it could ONLY be owing to the bloc vote* by Asian Ams. Once
the upset victories have happened, every politician in CA, including the
California gubernatorial candidates, will court the Asian Am. community
for an endorsement by 80-20.

So what? So that 80-20 will use its King-maker's role to make sure that
these candidates will give YOU iron-clad commitments to eliminate every
inequity you have suffered in CA today. Historically, immigrants, be they
Irish, Italians or Jewish, have used the "political process" to become equals.

Aren't we equals already? Although there is a large Asian Am
population in CA, Asian Ams have not been treated equally. THINK!
Nationally, Pres. Obama has 3 Asian Ams. in his Cabinet. How many are
there in Schwarzenegger's or SF mayor's or LA mayor's Cabinet? How
many Asian Am regents are there in CA's higher education systems?

Support 80-20's endorsed candidates. Help them win, so that
YOU will win.

Please remember!

[A] For the Dem. primary where Democrats and Declines/Independents
can vote, please vote for Assemblyman Ted Lieu.

[B] For the Republican primary where only Republicans can vote., please
vote for Tom Campbell for the senatorial primary.

Do a little work the next 7 days. Ask your friends to vote for Tom
Campbell and Ted Lieu. :-)

To understand the POWER of a bloc vote, see illustration below. 80-20
immerses itself in politics to help YOU win!

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer, Acting Exec. Director, 80-20 PAC, Inc.

*A numerical example demonstrating the power of a bloc vote
Two candidates run against each other in a political race, which for
simplicity is assumed to have two constituent groups only. One group has
one million votes (8%) and the other has 11 million votes (92%). Candidate
A, a novice, courts the larger group. When the ballots are open, candidate
A wins the larger community by the ratio of 52/48. The margin of
difference is 4%. Since the larger group has 11 millions votes, 4% of 11
million votes provides a winning margin of 440,000 votes to candidate A.
His opponent, candidate B, is a seasoned politician. She courts the smaller
group knowing its ability to deliver a bloc vote in the ratio of 8 to 2, as the
black and Jewish communities can. B wins that community by a ratio of
80 to 20. The difference between 80% and 20% is 60%. 60% of 1 million
votes is 600,000 votes. As a result, candidate B wins the election by
(600,000 - 440,000) or 160,000 votes. Astounding? Does that knowledge
empower you?