Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boxer, Campbell & Lieu Endorsed In CA Primary

Election is a time for a small minority like the Asian Ams. to use our bloc
vote to secure our rightful interests. 80-20 has repeatedly demonstrated
that successful strategy -- politics the American way.

For the California Primary on June 8th, 80-20 endorses the following:

(A) For the Democratic US Senate Primary: Barbara Boxer!
She has served our community well, including recommending Asian Am.
federal judges to Pres. Obama.

(B) For the Democratic Attorney General Primary: Ted Lieu!
He is a good public servant for CA and the Asian Am. community.

(C) for the Republican US Senate Primary: Tom Campbell !

This is a significant breakthrough for YOU through 80-20. This is
the first time that a leading Republican candidate running for a high office
has replied to 80-20's questionnaire. Is the GOP door now open to Asian Ams?

Tom Campbell made solid commitments to YOU through his answers
to 80-20's questionnaire

Q1: If elected, will you urge the Labor Department to focus on
enforcing Executive Order 11246 on behalf of Asian American . . . ?
Campbell's answer: Yes.

Q2: If elected, will you vote for the Senate confirmation of Goodwin
Liu who has been nominated as an Appeals Court Judge
in the 9th Circuit? Yes.

Q3: If elected, will you emphasize admitting more highly skilled
workers, in any Immigration Reform Bill that arrives before the full
Senate? Yes.

Q4: If elected, will you work with us, regarding a Hate Crime
provision dealing specifically with the kind of violence against
Asian Ams. in big cities like San Francisco, Oakland and
Philadelphia? Yes

To see Campbell's signed commitments, click on .

Q2 and Q4 are important questions -- areas where Asian Ams will need bi-
partisan support. Campbell, if elected, could cast the 60th vote to confirm
Goodwin Liu.

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Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo, Acting Exec. Director (a volunteer), 80-20 PAC, Inc.