Thursday, June 03, 2010

Help Make History for AsAms on June 8

History in the making, IF YOU help!

TED LIEU can win, if you help.

About Ted Lieu: He has a J.D. from Georgetown Univ. Law Center; is
a California Assemblyman for 5 years; & a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air
Force Reserve, serving as a military prosecutor. If elected, he'll be the first
Chinese American Attorney General of a state.

Why and how Ted Lieu Can win!

o In a crowded field of 7 candidates, it takes only a plurality to win!
Getting 35% of the vote will likely be sufficient for Ted Lieu to win.

o This year, both registered Democrats & Declines (i.e. those who
decline to be affiliated with any party) can vote in the CA Democratic
primary. There are more Asian Am. Declines than either
Ds or Rs in CA!

o Most voters don't vote in a primary. So if all Asian Ams who are
registered as either Dem. or Declines will go vote, the % of Asian American
voters may increase from the usual 8% in a General Election to as
high as 25% in a primary.
If 80% of those AsAm voter go for Ted, then Ted
Lieu will win! In addition. Asian Ams in CA will thereafter possess real
political bargaining power.

TOM CAMPBELL Can Win, if you help.

About Tom Campbell: He is a Republican, a former Law Professor,
Stanford Univ.; a former Dean of Hass School of Business, Univ. of Calif,
Berkeley; and a former Congressman in CA's 12th and 15th Districts. He
strongly supports our community's rightful concerns. If he is elected as a
US Senator, he could become our bridge to the Republican Party.

o He faces two other candidates in the CA Republican primary for
US Senate. He is currently running a close second, according to polls.

o All the other analysis, shown above about Ted Lieu, are applicable to
Tom Campbell, except the words "Democrats" are to be replaced with

The key to their victories? Large turnout by Asian Am. voters!
The road to our empowerment? YOU!

If you are registered Decline in CA, Asian Ams across the nation are
looking to you to make history and improve our collective destiny. You
may choose either a Republican ballot or a Democratic one. Up to you.

Here is how Decline may vote on June 8.

Polls are open until 8PM. When you go to the poll, identify
yourself as a "Decline" and ask the poll worker to give you a
mean you become a Republican or a Democrat, you'll still
remain a Decline.

Our eyes are on Asian Am. voters in CA. We count on you to do
YOUR part to help the whole AsAm community.

With the fondest hope,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer & Acting Exec. Director, 80-20PAC, Inc.