Monday, May 17, 2010

3 Lessons From Vincent Chin's Tragedy

There are 3 lessons to learn through Vincent Chin's Tragedy.
If we don't learn them, we are bound to relive it. A similar situation
may be brewing in IL & OH!
See the last paragraphs.

A Seldom Seen & Frank Summary of Vincent Chin's Case:

In 1982, owing to perceived loss of jobs caused by Japan, "Japan
was very popular, especially among auto workers and
politicians running for offices.

Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was in a Detroit bar when
2 auto workers, one unemployed, came in. The two mistook
Vincent as a Japanese. One said to Vincent, "It is because of you
motherfuckers that we're out of work." A fight ensued & was broken
up by the doorman of the bar. The two auto workers found Vincent
later that night and bashed him to death with a baseball bat.

In 1983, a Michigan court fined the two $3,700 each and no jail
time. The Asian Am. community was outraged.

Consequently, in 1984, the federal government stepped in & filed
civil rights charges against the two. HOWEVER, after a trial, an appeal,
and a retrial, both were completely acquitted, partially owing to witness-
tampering by an Asian Am. lawyer working for the prosecution.

In March 1987, a civil suit was also filed. Substantial fine was ordered.
HOWEVER, the settlement was so badly structured that collection
of the fine was far from certain. The one who swung the bat & was
ordered to pay 10 times more fine than the other, stopped payment
in 1989.
His whereabouts is currently unknown.

Vincent's mother asked, "If two Chinese killed a white person,
will they go to jail?" Disillusioned, she left the US for China.

For verifying the accuracy of the above summary, see and .


1) Japan bashing leads to taking it out on perceived Japanese. It
is equivalent to taking it out on ALL Asian Ams since most don't know
the difference between Japanese, Japanese Americans and other Asian
Ams. Vincent Chin, a Chinese American was mistaken as a Japanese!

2) In a democracy, those who don't have the GROUP political clout, get
stepped on, in hard times. Our entire community was humiliated
in the Vincent Chin case, from 775 beginning to end.

3) Protests without the political know-how lead to NOTHING!
Did we achieve the goal of securing justice for Vincent?

Forwarding ahead to the present:


Every Asian American needs to watch out, together with 80-20. Please!
Remember the 3 lessons.

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