Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A reader wrote in

After 80-20 sent out "3 lessons from Vincent Chin," the following
thoughtful letter came in.

"Dear S.B.

Thank you for bringing out Vincent Chin's tragedy to remind
us how fragile we are as Asian Americans without a group voice.
("80-20 didn't exist at the time," adds S. B. Woo.) Vincent
Chin's tragedy left a scar on every Chinese Americans' soul.
The lesson at the time of occurrence is that "You are nothing."
In the US, if one killed a cat or dog, one might be punished
more severely than the Ebins, the father and the son.

Years before the Vincent Chin's case (in late 60's) a
Lithuanian sailor was abducted from a US Coast Guard vessel
by USSR guards docked next to the US ship in the open ocean. The
incident raised hell in the US, as our sovereignty was violated. But
it was Lithuanian Americans' GROUP voice which brought him
back to the US.

Vincent Chin was the scapegoat for the failing American auto
industry dwarfed by the competitive Japanese automakers.
Now with the failing Wall Street fiscal management and the
high unemployment rate plus the exchange rate war between
the US & China, I have reason to fear once again, we might become
the scapegoat for those who have failed or are incapable of taking
care of their own financial responsibility.

Be alert and vigilant. Let nobody become the second Vincent


Chien-Lu Ping, PA"

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