Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election Forecast -- GREAT NEWS

80-20's Forecast on the 2006 election:

85% chance that the Democrats will win the U.S. House.
60% chance that the Democrats will win at least a 50-50 split in the
Senate i.e. taking over about half of the Committee Chairmanship.
80% chance that 80-20 will help win at least 3 of the 4 TOUGH races it
has focused on. 80-20 also urged its two chapters in Missouri to
help the McCaskill Senate campaign. That race is in a 49/49 split.
Hence, even the 1.1% Asian Am. population can make a difference
through a bloc vote.

DETAILS on the 4 focused races, each with a 6% or larger AsAm

(1) Tammy Duckworth in IL 6 (South-West Suburb of Chicago):

a) Endorsed by Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Chicago Sun-Times,
Pioneer Press -- a clean sweep of all major area papers,
b) Reuters poll (a well-respected poll): Duckworth leads her opponent
by 54 to 40 in the latest poll although it was a deadheat earlier. See how
a united community can help! However, her opponent has 4 times her
cash and is dumping attack ads on her, and
c) Her site: She can use

(2) Darcy Burner in WA 8 (City of Seaettle):

a) endorsed by Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Darcy Is Better,
b) Can use money and volunteers, and
c) .

(3) Nicholas Lampson in TX 22 (Houston's southern suburb):

a) Endorsed by Houston Chronicle, the area's largest paper,
b) His opponent's name has to be written in, decreasing her chance, and
c) His site: / . He can use volunteers to get
out his voters.

(4) Bob Menendez's Senate Campaign in NJ:

a) Endorsed by NY Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Star Ledger and the
Record -- a clean sweep of major papers,
b) Leading in all major polls by 5 to 7 points; has twice his opponent's
cash on hand. Can use volunteers to do GOTV, and
c) .

HELP OURSELVES by helping Democrats win the Congress. Do your

CROSS POLLINATION is very effective in politics. Email your friends
and relatives
in those 4 focused races plus the one in MO to urge them
to vote for Democratic congressional cnadidates. The Republican
Party wants our money but has repeatedly refused to pay attention to our
rightful concerns in equal opportunity in workplace. Indeed, many Asian
American Republican leaders denigrate our efforts. Time to give the
Republican Party a strong awakening message.

Join 80-20. Visit .