Friday, November 17, 2006

Proof of Effectiveness of 80-20's Endorsement

[A] How Strong is the Asian Am. Bloc Vote?

Our bloc vote is stronger than that of Labor Unions! See below.

Source: .
CNN has explicit data on how AsAms voted in 3 Senate races only, where the % votes were large enough. For the same reason, how union members (UM) voted in Virginia is not available.

State VA NJ CA
% of AsAm voters 3% 3% 6%
Sen. Candidates Webb/Allen Menendez/Kean Feinstein/Mnfjoy
How AsAms voted 68/32 74/24 70/26
How UM voted Unavailable 63/37 65/30

[B] Proof of 80-20's Influence On Asian Am. Voters.

How does one know that Asian Ams voted for Democrats in Federal races owing to 80-20's endorsement? Could it be that Asian Ams are simply voting more and more for Democrats?
No. Here is the proof.

80-20 endorsed the Democratic Party for all Congressional races but not any of the state races. So, let's find out if AsAms voted for Democrats in state races as well. The only CNN exit poll that explicitly lists how AsAms voted in a state race is the CA gubernatorial race. It showed
that Asian Ams instead favored the Republican candidate Schwarzenegger by a large margin. See below.

Democrat GOP
How AsAms voted in Senate races nationally* 70 30
How AsAms voted in House races nationally** 62 37
How AsAms voted CA's Governor's race in which 37 62
80-20 didn't make an endorsement

* An estimated figure. Note that few senate races were held in the southern states in 2006.
** CNN has NO explicit data on how AsAms voted in any single House races. But it does provide the national average figure.

[C] Urging you to Consider Joining 80-20
In the past, many Asian Ams. AVOIDED joining any political org. That was what got our community to be so lacking in GROUP political strength. It in turn got us to be the MOST discriminated at work and having the SMALL-EST proportion of Federal judges. Politics plays a big role in your life, whether it is your promotion at work or your children's admission to
universities. 80-20 is fighting for YOU where YOU as an individual is powerless.
Please help 80-20 to help yourself. Using a credit card, visit
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC", mailed to: Jing-Li Yu Director of Projects P.O. Box 527340 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 . Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on the BACK of the check. Life membership is $1,000; Family (2 voters) is $50; Basic Membership is $35; Student membership is $15.