Tuesday, October 31, 2006

History Beckons

80-20 salutes the political responsiveness of Asian Americans. I was deeply moved by YOUR promptness, generosity and dedication. See below.

[A] 80-20's Appeal:

Subject: History Beckons

Dear XX:

History sometimes calls upon an individual to do MORE to change things for the better. As an 80-20 member living in IL/WA/TX/NJ, you are that individual. A historic moment has arrived.
Recently 80-20 asks both major political parties to help with our battle to win Equal opportunity at work. The Republican Party ignored us. The Democratic Party through its Chair Howard Dean has written 80-20 to promise specific help in our battle to win EQUAL OPPORTUNITY at work. To create a win-win situation, 80-20 has decided to go all out to help Democrats win Congressional leadership in the 2006 election.

80-20 will focus on 4 tight races. One of which is located in YOUR HOME STATE. Please volunteer for these campaigns …..

In addition, please email/call your friends & relatives in her/his district to ask them to vote for …….

A great individual steps up to the challenges of a special circumstance in history, and feels proud, win or lose. For the one who doesn't, he/she asks retrospectively: "WHY DIDN'T I?"


S. B.,

President of 80-20 PAC, Inc.

[B] The Great Responses (Sorry for not publicizing all.)

(1) From Illinois 6: Tammy Duckworth is running for Congress:

(a) $20,150 received. The following individuals gave $500 to $2,000: Sanghun Song, Alex New, Ming Jeang, Larry Ho, Julia and Frederic Wan, S. B. and Katy Woo, Peter W. Chen, Henry Lee, Steve and Rosiland Hsia, Bill Tao, Kathleen To, Kelvin and Nain Lai Chen and Dongzi Liu. Tens of smaller amounts have either gone to Duckworth's campaign directly or to 80-20 to be Fed Expressed to her campaign later. Estimated $$ raised in one email: $25,000!

(b) I will go to the rally to support her. Thanks for the email. Great great job in getting Howard Dean to respond!!!!! Brian Chen

(c) I do not live in Illinois any more. I have moved to St. Louis, Missouri. …. I will let my friends and family members know who live in Illinois about this link to support her. Thanks. Kim H. Song

(2) From Washington 8: Darcy Burner is running Congress You may want to read the series of correspondence between Sherman Hu in red and S. B. Woo in black.

On Oct 28, 2006, at 3:46 PM, sherman hu wrote: she's not in my district, but i am going to donate.. Sherman

S. B. replies: Great. Make sure you note in your check or in the website that you are an 80-20 supporter. She is actually financially quite adequate.

On Oct 28, 2006, at 8:41 PM, sherman hu wrote again: also i am going to help the doorbell service for her tomorrow. Sherman

S. B. replies again: Wonderful, Sherman. You are a role model for us.

On Oct 29, 2006, at 10:27 PM, sherman hu wrote yet again: thanks! i went to help today, will do next weekend if they need me. Sherman

S. B. replied yet again: I Salute your dedication, Herman.

(3) From TX 22: Nick Lampson is running for Congress

(a) Rogene*, this is Eva Chu and I think you remember me. SB sent out an email asking us to help. What can we do? Hope talk with you soon. *Rogene Gee Calvert is Chair of our Houston chapter. That chapter has done a lot for Lampson already.

(b) S. B. Although he is not in our district, we will do our best. Jacky So

(4) From NJ: Senator Bob Menendez runs for re-election

Rally for Senator Menendez: 5 p.m., 2/11 (Thur.) across from Hoboken Terminal, Hoboken, NJ. ATTRACTION: Sen. Obama

80-20 SALUTES the political responsiveness of all you Asian Americans! A new era has arrived. Join 80-20. Visit http://www.80-20initiative.net/membership.html