Monday, November 06, 2006

Will You help Our Children Win?

For so long, BOTH political parties have ignored our rightful interests, though wanting our money.

ONE exception! During the "campaign finance scandal of 1997," which NY Times termed "Asia Gate," both parties competed to disassociate themselves from us.

80-20 rose to change the above. It has made GREAT PROGRESS:

FIRST, in 2004, 9 of the 10 Democratic presidential candidates promised IN WRITING to 80-20 to help AsianAm. gain equal opportunity in workplaces, if elected.

SECOND, this year the Chair of the Democratic Nat'l Party, Howard Dean, did the same thing IN WRITING for 80-20. This year, Democrats are mostly likely to WIN the House, and possibly the Senate.

VOTE DEMOCRATS in all House races except for in Delaware and CA-11. VOTE DEMOCRATES in all Senate races.

When the Republican Party realizes how AsAms can help win crucial tight elections, they'll begin to pay attention to our concerns in order to court our vote in the NEXT election.


Help get out the Democratic votes. Our children look to you to seize this historic moment. Go get a few votes for Democrats.