Monday, November 13, 2006

CNN Exit Poll: AsAms Can Reward or Punish A Pol. Party

On 10/24/06, 80-20 called for Asian Ams. to vote for Democrats in
all congressional races with 2 exceptions. Reason? Repeated contact with
the Republican Party were ignored, while the Chair of the Democratic
Party promised in writing on 10/23/06 to help Asian Ams.

To show our political clout, AsAms MUST reward D and punish R through
the 2006 election, the more consequential the better! We did just that!
CNN exit polls showed that without our help, the Democratic Party would
NOT have won the Senate. See irrefutable evidence presented below.

[A] CNN exit polls: Source:

CNN did exit polls for all 33 Senate races. However, only 3 of the 33
races have sufficient number of AsAm voters to qualify for explicit listing.

State VA
% of AsAm voters 3%
Sen. Candidates Webb/Allen
How AsAms voted 68/32

State NJ
% of AsAm voters 3%
Sen. Candidates Menendez/Kean
How AsAms voted 74/24

State CA
% of AsAm voters 6%
Sen. Candidates Feinstein/Mnfjoy
How AsAms voted 70/26

[B] Without 80-20, Democrats would NOT win the Senate.

1) Background Info: Democrat Webb won VA Senate race by 7231 votes giving
Dems the Senate leadership. If 80-20 didn't endorse the Dems or had instead
endorsed GOP, the incumbent GOP Senator Allen would have won by at least
22,543 votes. See evidence below.

2) According to CNN poll figures, Virginians cast 2,364,217 votes for the
senate races, while 3% of the 2,364,217 votes or 70926 votes were cast by
AsAms. Of those, Webb got an advantage of (68 - 32) or 35 points
which translates to (70926 x 0.35) or 29,824 votes.

Since Webb won by 7231 votes only, it is easy to see that if
80-20 didn't endorse D or had endorsed GOP, AsAms would likely have voted
about 50/50 or in favor of Allen, Webb would have lost by at least (29,824
- 7231) = 22543 votes instead of winning by 7231 votes.

[C] Conclusion
By voting as a bloc and showing that Asian Americans have the voting
power to reward or punish a political party, we have greatly strengthened
our political clout. It means that we are close to getting both political
parties to pay attention to our rightful concerns.

[D] Sneak Preview for the next 3 emails

In the next 3 mass emails, 80-20 will present to you
(1) Asian Americans show a strong bloc vote than the Union members, and
(2) How politics works -- how DNC helped us and we helped back to help
win the Senate leadership for the Democratic Party.
(3) How 80-20 will try to reach the GOP again.

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