Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Victory(V) -- More Heat on Coble

Subject: More HEAT on Rep. Howard Coble
Congressman Coble backed out of speaking at his own alma
mater's Commencement ceremony that is scheduled for May 10,
partly because some seniors protested against his presence in light
of his remarks on JA internment. See for yourself:

80-20 never stops until a conflict is resolved to 80-20's or our
community's satisfaction, although 80-20 always aims for a win-win
ending if at all possible. Yes! If a person or an organization harms our
community but is willing to make amends, 80-20 loves to making the
repentant former offender a winner. If otherwise, however, 80-20 will
apply unrelenting pressure until the opposition knows never to do it
to our community again. Either way, 80-20 achieves its objective.

In the past, some APA organizations were known to be quick in
mounting a protest, but when ignored by the offending entity would
meekly walk away. While such reactions to perceived affronts were well-
intentioned, their lack of persistence to follow up had unexpected
consequences. Such practice had formed a very negative impression in
the institutional memory of both the Democratic and Republican
parties and the mainstream media. That was one reason why our
community's voice and/or interests were often ignored by those three
important institutions of America.

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