Wednesday, April 23, 2003

SARS: Calming News and Caution

1) Facts:
"There are only 39 cases of SARS in the US as of 4/22/03. None
resulted in death. The thing to watch out for? NOT TO OVER-
RREACT," Dr. Anthony Fauci siad yesterday on CNN. He is the
Director of Nat'l Inst. Of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, NIH.

2) Careless Spreading Of Rumor Can Hurt A Lot Of People:
A supporter wrote in: "As you might have heard that there were
unfounded rumors circulating in the Internet about a Chinese
restaurant owner in both Chinatowns of San Francisco and New York
City that died of SARS and consequently the rumor called for people
to stay away from Chinatowns!!

The business in both places have since suffered tremendously. The
NYC's Chinatown has been hardest hit from 9/11 attacks, now this!!

As an influential organization, I thought you should use your mass
mailings to educate and to call attention to fellow citizens the
unwarranted "boycott" of our own communities."

3) Rumors on SARS May Hurt You or Your Own Business:
What a shameful e-mail title: "PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SARS
IN CHINATOWN,NYC" The person was later really embarrassed
& repentant.

4) "There is nothing to fear, except fear itself." -- F. D. Roosevelt.
I, S. B. Woo, intend to eat in a restaurant in Chinatowns of big
cities, anytime I have a chance.

5) After 80-20's "Vigilance on SARS/spy ..." e-mail, The Asian American
Journalist Association, AAJA, issued:

"SARS or Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a respiratory illness that
has been reported in Asia, North America, and Europe. Because of panic
and in some cases -- backlash directed at Asians or Asian Americans
--journalists reporting on SARS are encouraged to keep up with factual
reporting of cases and events and to exercise prudence in making
references to this illness:

SARS is no longer a "mystery" illness. .... Although SARS was first
reported in some countries in Asia, this illness should never be referred
to as an "Asian disease," in the same way that HIV/AIDS should not be
called a "gay disease," or mad cow disease a "British disease." Some
rumors have spread that Chinese restaurants in Asia and the United
States are potential sources of SARS. Focusing on the facts - symptoms,
risk factors, as well as known or probable cause of SARS will help dispel
these rumors. ....."

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