Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Prestigious Student Summer Internships Available

Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien Student Internship
for Summer, 2003
In memory of Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, a key founder of 80-20
and the first Asian Am. to become the president of a major university
(The Univ. of Calif., Berkeley), 80-20 will sponsor up to 3 student
interns in 2003. The stipend is $1000 per month from June 1 to
August 31,2003. Only the best and the brightest who are prepared
to work long and hard for public service need apply.

The Memorial Fund was started by classmates of Chang-Lin Tien, the
Mechanical Engineering Class of 1955, National Taiwan University. 80-
20 is proud to sponsor this Memorial Fund, not so much because of
Tien's high academic achievement but rather his legacy in fighting for
justice and equal opportunity for all Americans. When he was a young
college student in Kentucky, he protested discrimination against blacks
on city buses by walking to school for a year. Unlike some successful
Asian Americans who shy away from our community, Tien was a pillar
of strength for our community. He was not concerned about protecting
his own feathers. He cared about doing the right thing for the Asian
American community and the nation.

ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE & ORGANIZE! That is the key to political
success. Today, tens of young staff are working 14 hours/day and 7
days per week in Iowa and New Hampshire organizing for presidential
candidates. If the Asian Am. community is to have its share of
political clout, we need youths who know how to organize politically
-- cutting their teeth in the real world.

The Interns will be trained intensively for 2 weeks and then let go to
recruit dues-paying members for 80-20 under semi-weekly supervision.
The expectation is for each Intern to recruit sufficient members whose
dues will equal to an intern's stipend. In this manner, the Memorial
fund will be self perpetuating, thereby providing a last memory of
Chancellor Tien. At the same time, the program will provide our
youths with the real world experience of the joy and frustration
of organizing the Asian American community.

To apply visit http://www.80-20initiative.net/intern.html .