Saturday, April 05, 2003

Act When You Still Have Time

YOU and 80-20 NEED each other. Don't believe it? Read on.

21 members of U. S. House of Representatives introduced a
resolution for a boycott of this year's Paris Air Show. Others wanted to
boycott Grey Poupon mustard, Michelin tires, and anything else made
in France . Restaurants replaced French fries on their menus with
"Freedom fries."

All that anger for what? Simply because France refused to support
us in a Security Council resolution on Iraq? Hasn't France been a long-
time ally? Aren't French people also of European origin? Is there any
fear that France will ever wage war against us?

Ponder the above a minute, and ask yourself what will happen if,
God forbid, we go to war against an Asian nation** ?

What kind of reaction will come from politicians then? Much
stronger? Will the number of sponsors be 21 or 210 or 450 at that time?

Think about what will happen to the Asian Americans who have
traded, or visited, or done services for that "enemy nation!" Will they
be examined under a microscope and scrutinized under dire conditions?
Will they be place in internment camps? Read a Washington Post
article about the fears of Arab Americans, not just the Iraqi Ams ***.

Get involved, while there is still time.

The only way you can protect yourselves politically is to form a
powerful political voice that can affect the next election. Politicians
care most about winning the next election. When they sense that WE
could make them win or lose the next election, they will begin to
address our rightful concerns.

80-20 is the only Asian American organization that has the
experience (4 years), the foundation (650,000 on its e-mail list, and an
organization that is open, democratic and transparent) and the legal
status to organize a powerful political voice. Civic organizations that
enjoy tax exempt status are FORBIDDEN to engage in political activities.
80-20 is registered with the Federal Election Commission as a political
action committee, and has the legal rights to help elect or defeat
political candidates.

Join 80-20 now. There is not a day to lose. The election is only 1.5
year away. YOU and 80-20 NEED each other. Reply to this e-mail and
say YES!

- - - - - - - - -

** Yesterday (4/3) the United Nations special envoy to North Korea
said the dispute over that country's nuclear program has the potential
to develop into war. The U.N. Security Council will meet next week to
discuss the North Korean crisis for the first time.

*** "Fear and Anxiety Permeate Arab Enclave Near Detroit ...."
Washington Post, August 4, 2002. "To the outside world, the Arab
Americans in this community are adjusting well .. But inside, said Don
Unis, a US citizen of Lebanese descent, ..'They're scared to death, ..
We still don't have very much of a voice in America.' " Go