Friday, April 11, 2003

"Becoming American" to be Aired Again

"Becoming American � The Chinese Experience" will be aired
AGAIN in the greater Los Angeles area! All 3 parts will be shown
In a 5 hour segment, interspersed with interesting interviews with
well known Chinese Americans who are all 80-20 supporters.
Station: KOCE tv station, one of the two affiliates of the Public
Broadcasting Service (PBS) in LA.

Time: 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., this coming Sunday (4/13)

Extra Feature: Interviews by Peter Murphy with
(a) Kenneth Fong, former CEO of Clontech Laboratory, and
Chair of 80-20's Nomination Committee,
(b) Alice Huang, Administrator and Professor, Calif. Institute
of Technology and an 80-20 Life Member, and
(c) S. B. Woo, former Lt. Governor of Delaware and President
of 80-20.

What To Watch For: See how deeply politics have impacted
Chinese immigrants' lives. Major examples include how Gov. Leland
Stanford of CA flip-flopped in his attitude toward the Chinese according
to his own political needs. How the US needed an ally in Asia during
WWII and therefore abolished the "Chinese Exclusion Act." How
President Kennedy's Immigrant Reform Act leveled the entrance field for
Chinese immigrants. How the Civil Rights Act of 1965 opened the
exclusive residential areas to wealthy Chinese immigrants.