Monday, June 29, 2020

Trump Is Going, Going .....

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Trump Is Going, Going .......

     NY Times reports that Trump is losing all 6 battleground states.  See below:

     On the same day, an Washington Post article entitled     

    "A massive shift away from Trump in six key states indicates serious trouble for his reelection bid" 
reported the same poll results.  Recall the following from 80-20?

Q2: How to dump Trump?
A:  Most of the states are either blue or red.  Unless there is an earth-shaking event, they'll stay that way.   The battleground states  are where we need to campaign in. If Dems. can win of the following 6 battleground states: AZ (electoral College Vote is 11),  FL (29),  MI(16),  NC (15),  PA (20),  and WI (10), then you and I don't need to worry about Trump causing us trouble any more. 

        4 more months to go, so we can't relax about our "Dump Trump" campaign yet AsAms, particularly Chinese Ams, will save themselves a lot of trouble with Trump gone.  Mark our words!

          ACA-5 will Go To a Referendum Vote. Please listen:

    A Gallup poll of 2016 revealed that

  • 7 in 10 Americans say merit should be the only basis for college admissions 
  • 65% disagree with a Supreme Court decision allowing race to be a factor 
  • By 50% to 44%, blacks favor merit not race

So friends, the REAL BATTLE has begun. To protect Prop 209 on Nov. 3, we need to help every Californian realize that

merit versus race in college admissions is the ONLY real issue
in that referendum.  Even blacks support merit over race!

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 AsAm Empowerment PAC

Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

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