Monday, July 06, 2020

Learning Politics to Win Our Rights

Learning Politics for use in 2020

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                                        Politics Must be Learned 

      Many first generation AsAms, influenced by the political beliefs in Asia, believe that they must be loyal to one political party only.  NOT HERE IN AMERICA!  Here we can pick and choose, supporting D sometimes and R other times, in order to optimize our fortune.  

                                         What Do AsAms Need?  

      AsAms have 2 immediate BIG needs this year:

1) To avoid being victims of the collateral damage of Big Power Politics 
     pushed by Trump, which may even include war with China.  

     Trump is also a racist.  Remember his repeated usage of "Chinese Virus", "Wuhan Virus" & "Kung Flu." In addition, I don't believe Trump, as an individual or as our President, has a sense of JUSTICE.  For AsAms, particularly Chinese Americans, to avoid being victims of collateral damage of Trump's various decisions is practically impossible.  We must dump him. 
2) Equal opportunity in college admissions and workplaces.

     The sad reality is that Dems are probably a lot worse than Republicans regarding equal opportunity for AsAms. Why? No Democratic presidential candidate can be elected without the black vote.Biden would have been retired without the black vote in the SC primary. So Dems will always favor blacks* and Hispanics** way above AsAms***. Worse, Dems are probably for applying Affirmative Action to college admissions in such a way as to benefit all other applicants at the expense of AsAm applicants. Remember Harvard's "personality rating" of applicants. AsAm applicants were systematically rated worse. Harvard, a hot bed of Dems, would NOT possibly have rated blacks and/or Jewish lower than average. Biden will likely need to repay blacks in other ways, including possibly a Supreme Court Justice appointment or even a black female Vice President.

                   Squeezed Between a Hard Rock & the Deep Blue Sea?
      NO!  We can still win our rights by being politically smart.

      Beware that our lack of equal opportunities is a primarily a legal issue, and only secondarily a political issue.  To illustrate, after CA's Proposition 209, which prohibits "race preference" was passed in 1996, the % of AsAm students in the UC system increased from 35.2% to 40%.  

      NationalIy, I am 80% confident that in less than 2 years the Supreme Court will rule in our favor regarding equal opportunity in college admissions, thanks to the appointments of 2 additional conservative Supreme Court Justices by Trump. We can get rid of Trump,  but the Justices he has appointed will stay.
              Winning Together - AsAm's Best Political Moves in 2020
     (1) Vote to dump Trump this November so that we'll achieve our goal 1).
     (2) Donate to Students For Fair Admissions to increase our chance of winning in the Supreme Court, whose decision will apply to ALL 50 states.  80-20 EF is sending another check of $10,000, shown below, to help achieve our goal 2)
     (3) Help CA defend Prop. 209 on November 3, giving AsAms in CA a double coverage.  :-)
     80-20 knows politics and tells it like it is.  We raise money from you 
ONLY, and are loyal to you ONLY.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 AsAm Empowerment PAC
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

  *Blacks have a 12% national vote share and have voted 9 to 1 for every Dem
    presidential candidate, DPC, for decades.
 **Hispanics have an 11% national vote share and have recently voted 6 to 4 for DPC.
***AsAms have a 3% national vote share and have enlarged their bloc vote to 
    7 to 3 for those presidential candidates who gave written satisfactory 
    promises to help us achieve equal opportunity.