Monday, June 01, 2020

Dirty Political Tricks

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    Donations* rolled in, since 80-20's DEFEAT TRUMP! was announced. Click here to go take a look at the Poster Boards of the last 4 e-newsletters. Supporters outnumbered opposers by at least 10 to 1.

     Indeed, the support has been so great that unethical political operators have pretended to be persons receiving our e-newsletters and posted opposing or abusive statements. Click here, and read "comment 86" from me to appreciate the dirty political tricks that were being played.

     But 80-20 knows how to beat down such dirty political tricks and YET welcome pro or con statements from people who are on our e-mail list. Our goal is to maintain an open, honest but sane Poster Board.

Replies to Trump Supporters

     Last week, we sent you "Trump pursues War?"  It listed the various disarmament treaties that he has backed out from and those he has declared to back out.  It also reported Defense Secretary Esper's statement that the US is "preparing for a potential war with China."   The e-newsletter ended by asking readers to each do their share to "Dump Trump and Flip the Senate."

      After its publication, two opposing statements, one quite thoughtful, from people Who ARE ON OUR LIST came in.  They were posted.  Their statements and my replies are re-published below for you to judge which side has the better pulse on truth.

From P.H., who posted the statement below.  HIs full name is withheld by SB.
"Don't be naive, the world only respects those with big military power. Even though the US is pursuing peace and prosperity for her citizens and the world, she must be well prepared militarily. Those treaties have not been followed by other countries and it is time that the US stop following them unilaterally. If you think unilateral disarmament will bring peace then you can try have your local police stop carrying any weapons and see if crime rate will drop. Would you rather be ruled by the leaders of Russia or China? "

From S. B. Woo who replied below:
"How come our other presidents could get Russia and other countries to agree to more and more disarmament treaties and to get them to abide by the treaties, while Trump had to back out from more and more? Are you sure that it's NOT Trump's faults or his ambition to pursue war? Wars were often started by bombastic individuals who were absolutely sure that their sides would win, but ended up leaving their countries in ruins. Recent examples are Hitler and Mussolini. Trump is NOT like them yet. But there are similarities. Better exercise some checks and balances NOW! SB"  

From J. S. whose full name is withheld by S.B.
After so many years, it is very disappointed to see 80-20 has turned to the far left, sounds like as an organ of the CCP. 
From S.B. who replied thusly:
You think tainting 80-20 as CCP will scare us from doing the right things? :-). I posted your comment. Go to our Poster Board to verify it for yourself. You seem to hate CCP. But you also seem to be using some of CCP's worst methodology - scaring & incriminating people by calling them names. Thanks.

      Forward and copy me in, we must let more AsAms know this campaign. 

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 SuperPAC,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

* 80-20 deeply appreciates your generosity including a $2,000 check from
   Charles Zhang, MI arriving a couple of days ago.