Monday, June 22, 2020

ACA5; Punishing Officials Who Deserted You.

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     A Shocking DEFEAT for Equal Opportunity
    It's INCREDIBLE that ACA-5 passed CA's Assembly.   Only 6 years ago, under 80-20's leadership, SCA-5 was defeated even after it has already passed the CA  Senate.   Will History repeat?  Will ACA 5 be defeated after its approval by the Assembly?  Hope so, but not likely.  The place to defeat it was where there are 14 AsAm Assembly-persons!  80-20 pointed to that huge battlefield advantage for us 3 months ago via its e-newsletter:  CA assembly to deny AsAm equal op. in ed (03/16/2020) .  We stated:

   " .... (a) To defeat ACA5 outright

        Only 26 opposition votes are required to defeat ACA-5.  There are 14 AsAm Assembly-persons.  Hence defeating ACA-5  seems very feasible." (Emphasis added)

                             Why Didn't 80-20 Lead the ACA5 Fight?

     The primary reason is that we have been busy executing "Dump Trump & Flip the Senate."  We feel strongly that Trump is a racist.  Remember his "Chinese Virus"?  Last Friday, he used "Kung Flu" in Oklahoma.   In addition, Trump wants conflict domestically & internationally.  AsAms will likely suffer grievously from collateral damage resulting from any US-China conflict.  

      The minor reason is that a few CA orgs., including Silicon Valley Chinese Association SVCA, complained that 80-20 hogged credits for defeating SCA5. We didn't think so.  Were we to blame if media sought us out?  However, assessing that ACA-5 was easy to defeat, we decided that CA orgs. would not need 80-20 this time.  Consequently, when news that ACA-5 passed the Assembly reached us, it was such a shock.  We had such favorable battlefield 

      Oh, well.  Let's hope that Prop 209 will survive the referendum, because most Americans including all minorities think MERIT is more important than race when it comes to college admissions.  Hopefully, the pro-Prop. 209 CA leaders will make college admissions the central issue in the coming referendum fight.       

                          ACCOUNTABILITY Will Make Us Stronger

     Insisting on accountability is the essence of a strong & vibrant democracy. 1 day after SCA-5 was defeated, 80-20 announced to drive CA Senator Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong out of politics for deserting AsAm interests. Click here to verify.  See 3. Q (2).  Within a year, both were out of politics.  

      We heard that some in the AsAm community are clamoring to recall some AsAm elected officials who deserted us in the ACA-5 vote. Don't do that! We will be doubling our work but getting only half the effectiveness.

      Here is the effective way to do it.  Find a strong candidate to be the primary opponent for that deserter.  In addition, find a strong candidate in the other party for that deserter.  Help both of your recruits with with early seed money and good media publicity.  Even supposing that the deserter got so lucky as to survive both the primary and general elections, he/she will NOT desert you again from that time on. The deserter will have so many sleepless nights when running through the 2 gauntlets that you set up for the deserter.   

      Democracy works better, if you learn how to reward and punish politicians.  80-20 EMPOWERS YOU.   Together, we shall overcome.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 21 years
80-20 AsAm Empowerment PAC
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)