Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Political knowledge, if you have 5 minutes

    Golden Political Nuggets 

Political knowledge 1:  What a PAC can do in supporting political candidates    
     One may think that there is not much difference between "endorsing Hillary with reservation" and "endorsing Hillary".
Reality:  A lot of difference.  If 80-20 had endorsed Hillary, 80-20 would be independently spending at least $50,000 to buy ads in ethnic media in battle-ground states to flip votes.  80-20 knows how to buy ads in "free ethnic papers" in battleground states that those high-priced political consultants have never even heard of. In addition, 80-20 would have sent out many pro-Hillary e-newsletters and asked its supporters to forward to their friends and relatives.
    Tell you what, now that the race has tightened, Sec. Clinton is probably regretting her refusal to do more for Asian Ams.  In a razor-thin race, AsAms become the critical minority.   Had 80-20 endorsed Hillary, we estimate that she would have gotten about 80% of the AsAm vote. 
Political knowledge 2:  Who works for your interests and who doesn't?  
    There is a easy measure.  Find out who gets goodies for you and who doesn't.
(A) 80-20 considers how much good a candidates and his/her party have done for AsAms in deciding whom, and how, to endorse. 
(B) Trump fans support Trump, without getting any promise in writing from Trump about helping AsAms.   
[Details: Hillary answered 80-20's questionnaire satisfactorily by making promises to AsAm in writing.  Trump didn't.  80-20 pressed Hillary to do more, but she refused.   Hence, 80-20 endorsed her with reservation.  Note that Obama's Administration tripled the number of AsAm federal judges and appointed 3 AsAm cabinet secretaries plus Chris Lu as the Deputy Secretary of Labor in charge of enforcing E.O. 11246.  E.O. 11246 is the law that the federal government has used to get rid of the glass ceiling against other minorities and women. You be the judge.  :-)]
Political knowledge 3:  Even in politics, virtue is its own reward.
     80-20 thought that its decision to endorse Hillary with reservation would be very unpopular, because it doesn't please either the Clinton or the Trump fans.
    Surprisingly, 80-20 was rewarded for its faith in you.  Most AsAms seems to understand that 80-20 made a judicious decision, abiding by the the best interest of the AsAms, using the "reward or punish" principle.  Praises poured in.  Click here to see those praises published earlier.  We apologize for sharing only the short ones. 
(1) From: Jim

Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation
      I agree.

(2) From: Mothers to Mothers

Subject: Re: A Very Popular "Endorsement with Reservation"

      Thank you for all you have done!     M. Tao
(3) From: Elaine Su <3xxelainexu"">

Subject: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation
      Thank you for all your hard work for the 80-20 EC. The procedure was fair and effective. The whole process was a success. Regards, Elaine
NOTE added by S. B, Woo:  She also forwarded our e-newsletter to 18 of her friends.  One of whom replied thusly, and is shown below:
(4)  Lynn Yu 
Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation 
       Ok got your message !! Probably vote for Hillary, but yes upset with not getting full responsive from her. Lynn.

(5) From: Gary Tang

Subject: Facebook post
       This is my FB posting.
       I am a Demarcat, and I am not voting for Donald Trump, but will vote all other Republican tickets. Reason: My party decided to continue the discrimination against Asian American students in college admissions.
Gary Tang, CCIM, LEED AP
(6) From: "Dr. Yuko Nakanishi"

Subject: Re: Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation
         I agree with the EC's is a wise one.      Kind regards, yuko 
(7) From: Ming Jeang

Subject: Re: A Very Popular "Endorsement with Reservation

         I think this is the only good decision. Unfortunately, my vote in Texas is probably meaningless since Texas, despite some TV pundits, will end up in the Trump bucket.. . . . Ming
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 We are such a small minority.  We must be politically astute, and have the courage to execute the "reward and punish" principle with integrity. 

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years

80-20 Initiative, Inc. 
To know more about 80-20, view these videos :  (Ignore the last 35 secs.  The CA primary is over.  An EC is to decide whether to endorse Trump or Clinton.) (Ignore the appeal for funds.  SELF has succeeded.)
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